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Fresh Fitness app is an appl or club Fresh Fitness

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Fresh Fitness app is an appl of club Fresh Fitness.
Train with the Fresh Fitness app, collect MOVEs, and get more and more active every day. MOVEs measure movement: every movement you do generates MOVEs. An example: running for 10 minutes at low intensity accumulates about 200 MOVEs. Moreover, MOVEs scores are independent of body weight, so they are a better way of comparing your activity levels with that of your friends. The easiest and fastest way to collect MOVEs is going to the Fresh Fitness venue with Technogym equipment, sign in with your mywellness account directly on the machines and train with the best exercise programs. You can also log MOVEs manually via Fresh Fitness app or sync with other apps such as Runkeeper or MapMyFitness or Strava.
WHY USE THE Fresh Fitness APP?
- TRAINING: get your personalized and complete training program including cardio, strength, classes and all types of activities; access all exercise instructions and videos; keep track of your results automatically by signing in to mywellness directly on Technogym equipment, wherever you are in the world
- MOTIVATION: Fresh Fitness app gives you a weekly goal of activities to complete based on your lifestyle.
- OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: keep track of your outdoor activities directly via Fresh Fitness app or automatically synchronize the data you have stored in other applications such as RunKeeper, MapMyFitness and Strava.
- FUN: join the challenges organized by Fresh Fitness train and improve your challenge ranking in real time.
- CUSTOMIZATION: Create your mywellness account and sign in using Fresh Fitness application directly on Technogym equipment. How? Just move your smartphone close to the NFC logo or scan the QR code that you find on the machines display.
- BODY MEASUREMENTS: keep track of your measurements (weight, body fat, etc..) and check your progress over time
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