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About this product

Foodlz is your number one choice to order food online

Foodlz description

At Foodlz we believe that food lovers should have an amazing ordering experience for their delivery or pickup orders. We think this should be possible & easy.

In order to achieve such experience, we enhanced the way your order is processed to a more convenient and a straightforward way, by sending your order directly to the selected restaurant website/database/backend.

You can think about Foodlz as a tool that you and the restaurant's owners can use to enable online ordering. and by using this tool you can order your food anytime, anywhere with just a couple of clicks!

Foodlz is becoming the number one choice for food lovers to order food online for delivery or pickup orders. You can find a wide variety of restaurants offering burger, pizza, Chinese and more.

We are always grateful for your feedback and suggestions, so we can continue to improve the app. For suggestions and feedback please contact us at [email protected].

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