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Follow The Line 1.28 apk, update on 2016-01-15
Elegant and simple finger-runner. Just keep your finger on the screen, stay inside the line and walk through randomly generated maze. Don't step into obstacles or traps and run as far as you can.

Follow The Line APK reviews

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A Small Baby Llama review A Small Baby Llama
I love this game it's so addicting! You get mad when you touch the sides though. Its also very nice because you never get the same game two times in a row. Its a great game.
Alyssa TheTalented review Alyssa TheTalented
This game kills time the fastest. Like I have to wait til like ✋?o'clock til my mom gets home from work but with this game I only have to wait bout ✌?hours. And with this game that's fast!!!!!!!!!
sarah abdullah review sarah abdullah
I really like this game its very hard but once u get the hang of it its pretty fun! However, there are way to many ads other then that u must download this game trust me!!!!!
Jeana Wagner review Jeana Wagner
It's not challenging like some other line games from Ketchupp and other people. If you get like 100 or more, I didn't get anymore challenging really. Please make it more challenging to the players!!!
Wilson Family review Wilson Family
it so stopid it's the worst and sorry game preson I just don't like it
Omar Lopez review Omar Lopez
best game ever. like omg. i cant stop wont stop. lol. make more plz. im 12 yrs old. lol anhbody wanna hit me up? lol
Kayla Smiles review Kayla Smiles
It is so hard not to play this game! And the music is so catchy I'm humming it all the time!
Natalia Malecka review Natalia Malecka
I like challenging games and I like how every obstacle is more challenging and they all add up that way the game really takes some brain to play it!
Korinne Benson review Korinne Benson
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Ashutosh Sarraf review Ashutosh Sarraf
Very bad game... Please don't Install because it contains too many Viruses.
Kaci Juilfs review Kaci Juilfs
Its challenging but not TOO challenging. It also has more than 1 obstacle. It hardly has any ads. I could play this game forever!?
Emma McCrimmon review Emma McCrimmon
It's very time passing especially when just being bored out of your mind. Its not too frustrating whenever you lose but it still gets you a bit competitive.
Jessica Haw review Jessica Haw
Great UNTIL all the stupid ads keep coming up at the top of the screen and COMPLETELY STOPS the game whilst playing on it. Then when you continue it does it again. However if you got rid of the ads it would be five stars because otherwise the game is awesome!
Anna Phoenix review Anna Phoenix
Can you try and beat 321. I love this game Otis so challenging you should deffinitly get it. Also you never get board.
Yasmine_is_o_o review Yasmine_is_o_o
I really like this game. It's fun, free and once you begin playing its funny how frustrated you become! Definately recommend to people who enjoy relatively hard challenges