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FolderMount [ROOT] v2.9.13 apk, update on 2017-12-23
ROOT is required. Without it, the app will not launch.
Problems? Use the EMAIL DEVELOPER link in the Play Store.

Today some apps store big files over the internal SD card (e.g. games, podcasts, offline RSS content, pictures, videos, offline navigation software). Typically users have a small internal sd card size (~16GB) while the external SD is a lot bigger (~32-64GB). Most of these apps users download from the Play Store save their application data in the internal sdcard by default and don't have an option to use the external SD card to store data so they starve your internal SD card memory. FolderMount is the solution to this issue. This app has the ability to link folders in your internal sdcard to folders in your external sdcard thereby populating the internal sdcard folders with content that really exists in the external card. This helps us free space and have multiple games/apps with big data stored simultaneously without the need to uninstall. For Nexus devices with no external sdcard, this application should help link folders to a usb flash drive for example.

Features of FolderMount:
* Mount internal SD card folders to external SD folders.
* Move content from internal to external when a pair is added. (Dialog prompt)
* Support for Android 2.3 - 6.0.
* Holo themed throughout and an intuitive GUI design.
* It will check SDCARD mount status and remount if necessary.

Limitation of the free app:
* Only 3 mount pairs allowed
* File Explorer does not list the sizes of the displayed folders
* Some restrictions apply on the on the type/path of source folder

Purchase "pro" from within the app to unlock these limitations.

* Add a folder pair. Source is the internal sdcard and destination is your extSdCard
* After adding, FM will offer to move the files for you. Click yes.
* Wait until the move operation is done then click on the PIN. If PIN turns green, you're all set.
* The files will exist in both the source and destination after mounting. This is expected and is normal. The files you see in your internal sdcard actually reside in your external sdcard now and if you "unpin" the pair, you'll see that your internal sdcard is empty again.

There are other apps that do the same functionality but this is the first to bring you support for Android 4.2 with a Holo themed app and an intuitive interface.

Special thanks goes to Androidizen for creating the video promo of this app.

Have fun :-)

Disclaimer: This app does not guarantee functionality in any way, shape, or form. It is not my responsibility if this app does not work, breaks your sdcard or eats your kittens. User discretion is advised.

FolderMount [ROOT] APK reviews

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Linson James review Linson James
Not mounting
Whatsapp folder is not mounting. Moving the contents to new location was displayed 100%. But now the contents of whatsapp are missing. Paid for the app, no good.
Norin Ke review Norin Ke
It is working with marshmallow now. But it always make phone stuck when open sd card even camera app. And also mess eveything. Still useless.
Alfred Gageche review Alfred Gageche
Now works for galaxy s7 edge
Thanks to the developer now I'm going to give it 5 star
Richard Kosar review Richard Kosar
Works as intended. Best app for phones with low storage space. Any chance for a Material Icon?
Michael Lim review Michael Lim
Best service ever!
I wrote to the dev about my problem with MM 6.01 and less than a half day later he pushes out a fix! Great dev, great app! Devs like this deserve our support!
CovertBrony review CovertBrony
Amazing. Just simply amazing. Makes it easier for my 4GB of internal storage some space when it's only 1.8GB usable.
Catz Stuff review Catz Stuff
Love it!!!
Already bought the premium! Foldermount is very easy to use, just install & pair it. No need to make partion or any setup on sdcard like other apps. I recommend to those who are running out of space on their device. Thanks!!
Bean Chea review Bean Chea
Simple to Use & an Essential Tool!
Let me cut to the chase: 1-2 GB apps & episodic content take up too much space in an already limited Internal Memory environment for phones & tabs. If your device is Rooted & has a slot for an external memory card, this app transfers those large .obb files to your SD card. It takes 5 steps: Name the "Mount", select the .obb folder, create your destination folder on the SD card, click on the "check" symbol, & after the transfer's done, "pin" to finalize the process. Procured the Pro version; thanks dev!
Danny Sousa review Danny Sousa
Great app
I was looking to move movies to my 64gb micro sd card on my rooted 2014 16gb (WiFi only) galaxy 10.1 running 5.1.1 lollipop. It worked for all apps except my Google play movies. That's why I reluctantly gave 4stars.
Erwin Stolz review Erwin Stolz
not working on marshmallow
I have the paid version, sent my complaints to the dev w/o any reply, bad support. don't install, useless f**** crap. unfortunately there is no zero star possible, after update still the same crap
Link SSZ review Link SSZ
MadCatz Mojo
Can anyone confirm if this works on madcatz mojo? I have tried other apps like apps2sd but nothing works without breaking my games, i also lost a 128GB micro SD trying to move large games, got no memory left and i don't see a solution ???.
Kevin Linn review Kevin Linn
Best app ever!
This app seems to work just like the linux mount command. It does in fact move the files to the sd card and mounts the folder in the sd card to the internal memory. So yes it appears that the data exists in both places but it doesn't. To test unmount your sd card and your internal destination will be empty. This app can be used to free up space. The next step would be to mount remote locations (ie over wifi or vpn).
Adin Ahmadin review Adin Ahmadin
Error: extSdCard permission - FolderMount couldn't fix the external sdcard permission and ownership
I've bought this application to pro version, but sometimes in first run on boot it's have a notification It says: Error: extSdCard permission - FolderMount couldn't fix the external sdcard permission and ownership and then FolderMount application is force close. The previous version (v2.6.8) is fine better than this version. Please solve this problem. Thank's.
Michael Lim review Michael Lim
Best service ever!
I wrote to the dev about my problem with MM 6.01 and less than a half day later he pushes out a fix! Great dev, great app! Devs like this deserve our support!
Dicky Mardjuki review Dicky Mardjuki
Work only for some time
It work for a time then suddenly everything in the mounted directory got deleted for some reason. Happen multiple times. Not sure what happen.