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Flying Unicorn Simulator Free
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Flying Unicorn Simulator Free 2 apk, update on 2016-08-11
Control a Flying Unicorn and master your unicorn riding skills and become the unstoppable flying unicorn.
Start the game from unicorn nest and flap your unicorn wings through the sky to fly.
Discover exciting islands and mountains. Fly in submarine, explore a huge underwater terrain. Blaze fire to raptors, smash village houses, create ultimate rampage, enjoy being a flying unicorn!
In this free to play game, you can do whatever you want!

Flying Unicorn Simulator Free is made for all fans of unicorn games, flying dragon games, Simulation games and Dinosaur games.

Flying Unicorn Simulator Free GAME FEATURES:
✔ Realistic Mountains & Islands
✔ Incredible flying unicorn model
✔ Stunning 3D HD Graphics
✔ Realistic unicorn animations
✔ Joystick simulator controls
✔ Easy and Free to use
✔ No WiFi? No Problem.
✔ Offline Play
Install! Play! And become a Flying Unicorn for Destruction!!
Enjoy ツ

Flying Unicorn Simulator Free APK reviews

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Harry James Potter review Harry James Potter
Tooooo. Boringgg
A Google user review A Google user
The ads and the controls are so hard to use I would have gave it a 5 star if you fixed it I love unicorns the rest is fine.Oh and plz put pick our own color, gender, and plz make a home and mate and baby unicorns too. Oh and an ad came on when I was typing and put me back to the game. And no dinos put pony and mithacal creaters too. Then I will give it a 5 star if you fix it.And more islands to plz and a map that shows where you are and mate kids and hunter and pray too.
Cheryl Bredrick review Cheryl Bredrick
I was so excited to get this app because I am a believer in unicorns but, I was gliding and it started to go down. Now, when I fly a am like 1 foot above the ground unless my horse is pushing and pushing and my horse cannot swim that needs to be fixed though more than that the gliding problem needs to be fixed and I am going to unistall and not reinstall until fixed. Thank you, Unity apps!☺
Ruhela Begum review Ruhela Begum
I love this game and I love unicorns however what I would REALLY like is for there to be another island (s) to explore and other characters like: humans hunting the unicorns down, other animals, and more places to go. Maybe even a village and stuff. There should also be challenges or secret places and treasures. Really good game just needs more work.
Eliza Meggie review Eliza Meggie
I loved this game until I came across the dinosaurs. I see them ahead and at first I think they are other unicorns - but as I get closer I realise they are dinosaurs and I don't think much of it. I think I can just fly past them and they won't do anything, when suddenly, something bobs into the corner of the screen and I realise a huge dinosaur is attacking my unicorn! Then another one comes and they start fighting over me. I try to fly away but they won't let me. I hate it. Please change.
A Killian review A Killian
Could use some work, every 10 seconds there's an add. Whenever I glided down it controls itself and led me right to a dinosaur where I died. I can't zoom in or out and there's nothing to do but fly around all day killing dinosaurs. Why isn't there humans or dragons or other unicorns you can mate or breed with. I only played this for 5 minutes and I'm hating it. It could use some work real bad. No offence, A Girl
cute bunnies99 review cute bunnies99
When you glide, it's like a plane. You have to pull back to go up. If you try to make the joy stick go forward, it goes down. You have to do the opposite to go up. So far I have liked it. Wish you could change the color. Maybe you can idk. But as everyone else said, too many ads. I downloaded it and 3 ads popped up at a time.
Chad Borden review Chad Borden
I hate it! I was like "OMG unicorn amazingness!! But then when I first got on it was like to many ads I hated it so much will you fix the ads please and make the controls better? Please! I played it for about 15 min and then unistlled it! Please fix it and please make the dinosaurs not jump at you! I didn't like it! Maybe you can get 5 stars after you fix it! You made me so sad and mad at the same time! Please fix it? It says contains ads but I didn't think that much ads! Will you please fix it? Thanks xoxo
Anime Girl review Anime Girl
First flying unicorns are called allicorns second this is so boring like i played for 2 seconds and got bored like whats the deal with fire? Like make enemies to fight or something like that. Atleast make it online so we can play together and have fun fights. 1 star. 1 star forever till u make it fun atleast. DO NOT DOWNLOAD GUYS 1 STAR AND 1 STAR ONLY
Cakepie 47 review Cakepie 47
When I wanted to go underwater you could only see the surface, and gliding makes you fly really low. I'm sure the creators worked really hard, but when an ad came up I went to click an x but there weren't any! The graphics aren't very good either, but I liked the idea of the game!
A Google user review A Google user
I have a few suggestions to make it a little better. 1. You may want to put the wings a little further on the back 2. Controls.. try to make it able to see everywhere, and be able to control witch way your seeing more. 3. Try to make differ types of animals/dinosaurs. Other wise I Love the game. Oh, and make it so you can choose your gender, change your color, and Way to many ads! I finally figured out how to kill dinosaurs when they attack me, and im very happy! ^◇^
Crystallize review Crystallize
First off, the graphics. Please, they are just multicoloured squares. Improve them massively. The gameplay: it barely has any. There are no quests. All there is action based are dinosaurs which don't even do any damage and are easy to kill. The island on which you play on is tiny. Please add other worlds and maps and my rating will be improved greatly.
A Google user review A Google user
This happened.I was just flying and then there was a dinosaur that's attacking my unicorn and I have no idea where to go so I got hurt.If it's free why is there still something that can attack you?... But it's still an awesome game ?
A Google user review A Google user
Sorta doesn't work. I mean come on! Just try to hit a dinosaur, and you are bound to miss. It's good with control and graphics but the lag is unbelievable... I mean come on. This isn't as easy as it looks. Also add no adds because adds always come up, especially Submarine car? SUBMARINE. CAR? Really? What are we, 2? Stop that!
Heather Mullally review Heather Mullally
Yeah I like flying around the island, but then these dinosaurs start chasing me and climb on top of each other just so they can eat me!! Who would be cruel enough to eat a unicorn??!