Flying Police Motorcycle Rider APK

Flying Police Motorcycle Rider
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Flying Police Motorcycle Rider 1 apk, update on 2016-08-12
Do you love police motorbike riding games? Want to get into a criminal case? Want to fly your motorcycle like an airplane? This Game is perfect for you!
You can test your airplane pilot skills and motorcycle riding ability at the same time.

Fly your plane around the world discover new landscapes, Drive your police motorcycle do stunts and drifts! burn the asphalt road!

Get the extreme experience of pirate airplane chase with Flying Police Motorcycle Rider.
Flying Police Motorcycle Rider is totally different from police car games.
In this game as a cop you're driving a flying police motorbike rather than driving in city and chasing criminals. turn on siren, lock on target, launch missile, bombard and takedown criminals be the legendary super hero of the world. Enjoy flying police motorcycle and be the best cop.

Flying Police Motorcycle Rider is made for all fans of flying car games, free moto driving games, Simulation games and Airplane Flight games

✔ Test your Police Bike Driving Skills
✔ Improve Airplane Flight Ability
✔ Sports Cop Motorcycle Model
✔ Stunning HD Graphics
✔ Beautiful Mountains and islands
✔ Realistic and dynamic auto physics
✔ Advanced airplane flight physics
✔ Easy and Free to use
✔ No WiFi? No Problem.
✔ Offline Play

Install now and feel the best police airplane flight experience!

Flying Police Motorcycle Rider APK reviews

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Gaurav Singh review Gaurav Singh
It's turning so hard
Shilpa Shah review Shilpa Shah
This is too too too much bad game
A Google user review A Google user
I wanna. Fly. But the control dose not working when i press the fly button
Rahul Patankar review Rahul Patankar
This is a very bad game
Sanjeev Chaudhary review Sanjeev Chaudhary
Its ok
Vemuri Mohan Babu review Vemuri Mohan Babu
I love flying games
Sebastian Gomez review Sebastian Gomez
Syds Tech review Syds Tech
I love it so much
Rikki B review Rikki B
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Parsa Piri review Parsa Piri
این بازی عالی و نسخه های دیگر هم داره
Mosa Matsane review Mosa Matsane
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Ibrar Hussain review Ibrar Hussain
It ain't good
It's hard to control
Love it
The wings will never break not like the other games
Rajeskanna Chockalingam review Rajeskanna Chockalingam
I am looking forward to seeingo a new 4, . I think it was a great 2. . The may not be able the 2 to get your 4th, but I have a look at it and it is a great. 5th. The comments box below to find your way 4 to get a 3 to get the latest news and sport, I am not 7th, 1st of July. We will meet the needs 7th, and a bit. I
Limit breaker Demigra review Limit breaker Demigra
this thing needs a volume button or a mute bottom or something because this game is making my ears bleed!!! it's cool tho.