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About this product

Dynamic real-time scheduling with permanent connection to your employees.

FLS MOBILE description

With FLS MOBILE for laptops, smartphones and tablets, you’ll always be in direct contact with your mobile team. Technicians can have all the relevant data needed for the job - at their fingertips - either at the time the order is assigned or on-demand. Technicians can process the work order flow paperlessly. All information is centrally available immediately - no matter whether that’s replacement parts ordering, order entry, the visit report, or the customer's signature.

Dynamic scheduling in real-time

FLS VISITOUR takes into account existing work orders when planning and optimizing new incoming orders. Status changes to the existing schedule or possible appointment delays within that schedule are recognized by the system immediately - and then any non-dispatched orders get automatically and instantly rescheduled or reassigned as needed - to ensure that firm-committed appointments get met.

Features at a glance

Work order submission:
- a digital overview and details about jobs in mobile format for the field staff
- Ability to receive new orders and see upcoming / next appointments

Real-time connection and notifications:
- transmission of status messages such as en route, starting work, job completion, interruptions or delays, remaining work estimate, etc.
- dynamic real-time scheduling

Time tracking:
- recording and reporting of start of work, rest periods and worked hours, absences, and emergency services

Work order management:
- processing of order reports and order forms

Document management:
- transmission and processing of photos, PDF’s, Word and Excel files, etc.

Job confirmation function:
- the customer's signature

Integration with navigation software, such as CoPilot, etc.
- tracking and tracing
- mobile material handling

FLS’s Flexible Form Editor

FLS’s form editor allows you to create custom forms and templates for use on your mobile devices or laptops.
This enables you to take your actual work flows and paper-based processes and digitalize them - with no programming skills required!
With the flexible form editor, you can not only create the forms, and make changes to them, but you can push out the updates yourself.
The form-editor works within the already familiar Windows interface. With the click of a mouse, you can add elements such as: text fields, drop-down boxes, check-boxes, selection lists, etc. You can link fields within the digital forms to create workflows, and you can add validation checks on the inputs.
Put the power of being to work and report from on-site, in a logical and error-free fashion into the hands of your team - via forms and flows that you custom create.

For questions or additional information, call us at +49.431.239.710 or e-mail us at: [email protected]

Mobile Material Management

With mobile materials management, the stock (inventory) of parts and materials are kept up-to-date via the mobile device or back-end ERP system. Bookings are carried out promptly by the mobile application or appropriate web service. Material orders are recorded on the mobile application or created on the Web. Using mobile material management, you already have the most up-to-date information about stock and location of your materials.

Functions of Mobile Material Management:
- display and management of material groups
- display and management of material location
- display and management of storage facilities
- display and management of inventory at storage locations
- handling of serialized materials
- booking of material movement
- creation of purchase or restock requests

For questions or additional information, call us at +49.431.239.710 or e-mail us at: [email protected]
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