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Fireboy and Watergirl
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Fireboy and Watergirl 1.0.7 apk, update on 2016-10-07
This duo bested the trials of three other ancient temples. Now they face the most mysterious one yet!

Help Fireboy and Watergirl get through each level quickly in this puzzle game. Use the crystals to teleport and collect gems for bonus points. Be sure to keep Fireboy out of the water puddles, Watergirl away from the fire pits, and remember that both of them hate green slime.

AWSD - Move Watergirl
Arrows - Move Fireboy

Fireboy and Watergirl APK reviews

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siddhant GAVANKAR review siddhant GAVANKAR
its injoyful and fun game
Aylexus Brown review Aylexus Brown
I only gave this game one star because you can't put zero this most ratcheted game ever they honestly need to fix it ????
Kylie Hyde review Kylie Hyde
No dont get the game
It just sits there and the screen goes white thas all it does
jeff darnell review jeff darnell
Rip off of a great game
It's the exact game from the pc. Basically unplayable on mobile. Very laggy and sound continues to play after you exit the app an amateur mistake. Wonder I wonder if the real developer of the game is aware of this rip off. I mean even the description says to use aswd for movement
Shamba Kelly review Shamba Kelly
This game does work.
The game works its not the fastest on a phone and its better on a computer but it works you just have to wait for the white screen to go away.
Luke Gracee Smith review Luke Gracee Smith
Fire boy and Water boy Game
WORST game EVER!!! I HATE HATE HATE it!! Fix it!
Brianna Griffin review Brianna Griffin
The screen is black the White
I opened it and it was black then turned white i did not see but a white and black screen the game was not coming up i tried closing it again and opening it 2 times it still would not work. I play this on my computer and it worked. I have to delete this app and plus 1 more so maybe the other apps will. U should feel like deleting this app. I put all this typing on here u better or do something. I will not come back to this app so idc what u do.
Chessie Jarvis review Chessie Jarvis
I love it!!!!
It's amazing!!!! I love the fact that you can change the type of fireboy and watergirl to the forest temple or the crystal one e.t.c Also I find it really cool that it's a 2 player game because you don't usually find a GOOD 2 player game like this one! The only bad thing that I found about it was that it lags a bit. That's something that could be improved. Other than that everything else was wonderful!
Dina Maria Petersen review Dina Maria Petersen
Wasn't working
So idk if I'm doing something wrong but it's not letting me play the game ? Ads keep coming up and there is no x to get rid of them ? So when I hit back it exits out of the hole game, so I can't even play. Please fix! It did look like a cool game.
Sam Timson review Sam Timson
Bloody brilliant
The textures, the graphics, just everything about this game is mesmerising. I am not worthy of such a truly great game. Moved to tears by the unravelling storyline and cannot wait for fireboy and watergirl 2! ☺ thank you so much developers!
Kajal Karamchandani review Kajal Karamchandani
The worlds worstest crap
This game is totally a crap the people who made the game they must have tried their best but their energy of thinking is wasted because what did they made the worlds worstest crap game! I am really really srry to say but the efforts that the other game makers do u to make a game perfect u have not done at least the half quarter of that because i cannot see any effort in the game and is that soo because the screen only shows black and no more srry to say its all crap!!
Emily Laurence review Emily Laurence
Great idea, but...
The idea to make Fireboy and Watergirl a mobile app was amazing, I've always loved playing this game online and I know your company put a lot of time and effort into making this game an app. However, the onscreen controls aren't the best, and the controls are really slow and lag sometimes. The controls become really hard to use and sometimes get in the way of the game. It was a great idea, thanks for trying to make the game, but maybe it should just stay online for computers only.
Yasmin G review Yasmin G
Worst game in the universe
It goes black every time I go to play it if I was you I wouldn't get this game it sucks why did you when invent it for phone's it only works on computers
Savanna Socarro review Savanna Socarro
Stupid game
I once I got it it had said the game had stopped OMG I hate it
Challenge Girl review Challenge Girl
I don't understand why y'all hater SAYIN IT'S SO BORING SO HARD...LIKE NO! Y'all just sore losers for losing so much, I like it this game...if you hate it so much screw off and get a life... tho I ain't trying to start a fight, just sayin