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Fashion Story™ apk, update on 2016-01-12
Welcome to Fashion Story™, the stylish new game in Storm8 Studios' hit virtual world "Story" series! Fashion-hungry consumers are on the sidewalk waiting for the doors to your hot new clothing boutique to open. Choose and stock the very latest fashions and designs, then layout the store and changing rooms before preparing for the shopping rush.

- Unlock trendy designer clothes lines and innovative stylish accessories, placing them in your store to draw trendsetting customers in from far and wide.
- Showcase your style and creativity to design the layout and decor for a stunning fashion boutique.
- Visit your friends' boutiques and "like" items in their stores to give them a free gift.
- Simple and easy-to-use tap interface.
- FREE updates with new clothing, accessories, and boutique decorations every week!
- It's FREE!

Please note that Fashion Story™ is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature, on your device go to the Google Play Store, tap the Menu button, select Settings > Use PIN for purchase. Then, set up the four-digit PIN on the option below. In addition, Fashion Story™ may link to social media services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 will have access to your information through such services.

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Fashion Story™ APK reviews

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Shanae Oliver review Shanae Oliver
Would be so much better if the clothes could be filtered by time as well as type...I hate having to go through everything to find what I'm looking for! And what's up with the gifts? Shouldn't that be an opportunity to get the good stuff that will give ur shop the most money? Isn't that the point of having neighbors and sending daily gifts? This game been around long enough to have made these changes
anamika kumar review anamika kumar
Why it is an online game? If it is an online game then what reason for downloading it? We can play it in the internet. Please fix this and make it offline so we can also play and enjoy it in holidays or I will delete this game forever. When there is no connection, we can't give and accept gifts. Even we cannot look after our boutique. One thing; but it is very addicting
Jasmine Young review Jasmine Young
I like this fashion app, the best I've seen yet! I give this for stars because this game is fun , addictive, and fabulous, but something that they could change would be letting the player be the shopper at other players boutiques as well as being the owner of theirs. And not only this, but they should consider letting the player also be the cashier. Over-all, this is a great game and I fully request it to anyone who loves fashion games, YOU WILL NOT REGRET DOWNLOADING THIS APP!
Zlatni Hyuga review Zlatni Hyuga
This is one of the best fashion games I have ever tried. But can you please not make the updates seperate games? And please update the costumers. There so ugly (no offense) and there like all the same. But i like that each new app doesent take much space. Thx for ur attention
Brianna Campbell review Brianna Campbell
I used to play this on iPhone. Now I'm an android user. iPhone and Android have different catalogs and market items. I think iPhone had better stuff. I would love to have Autumn Allure again and the one with the lace shirt, pink ribbon, and pink skirt. I'd also love to have the makeup counter, but android doesn't have that. We don't have anything like that. Unfair. More goals would also be great. Could we also get 24 spaces in the catalog? 22 is a weird number to stop at. I don't like splitting outfits
Rachel Caldelas review Rachel Caldelas
I love it! Doing the math, I figured each diamond is worth 1,000 coins. I think this game should add an exchange from coins to diamonds, since the only way to get them is by downloading and playing other addicting apps or buying them with real money. Some phones dont have much space and maybe some people dont have time to go buy a card. If an update came involving this, the game would be even more awsome.
Samantha Zabel review Samantha Zabel
About a week ago it started telling me I need to be connected to the internet to play. There is definitely a connection, because all other Storm8 games work. Please fix this! I love this game but can't play! Also, as with all of your other games, you need an "Are you sure?" button when buying with gems - it's too easy to accidentally buy something you don't want!
Natasha Hoffman review Natasha Hoffman
I had got this app awhile ago and liked but then deleted it. Recently i added it again and for awhile it was good but then no one bought any of the clothes. I tried restarting my phone and everything i could think of but nothing worked. Fix this in the next update, please and thank you
maria ong review maria ong
I lost 49 gems without any reasons days ago. The game got issue which the loading took much time to start and then when it successed,I found that my gems were 6 left only. I have sent email to Storm8 but still get no respond until now. You don't know how hard I collected the gems and you just took it like that,huh Storm8?!
Ema Sanif review Ema Sanif
It was like I'm handle my own business. ^_^ I start played this game in January this year (2016) and now my level is 90. Since a few months ago, I had done all my goals. But I want more.. please update this game with more goals. So that, even we in level 99, we have a mission to do other than upgred our shop. ?
safvaan Baig review safvaan Baig
The game is awesome but when I on the game its not opening only always its coming try again try again but my wifi connection is full and fast then also its not coming I had to try so many times to open it atlast it is open . But from few days its not at all opening however ill try much but its not opening my orders are getting expired and I cant put them on rack plz u have to do something there's only one way left Im going to delete this game . Rather than the game is v.good.
Mj Taylor review Mj Taylor
I love this game,extremely addictive. Been playing for like 7 years & still haven't gotten bored with. I do think it would be neat if they added guys clothing & even children's clothes to it & male customers so it could be like a real store in real life. My boyfriend is always saying he wishes there was a guy version men's clothing and avatars so he could enjoy playing it as well. Just a thought
Mimi Michi review Mimi Michi
Invite me @MiAhShi I just started playing today and I already know I will be addicted to this game in a matter of days. Chill game play and clothes that are actually nice to look at. Of course the wait is awful but you get that with majority of free app games. Still, I enjoys this game and all of the cute fashions that go along with it.
Emma review Emma
I love it, except for that when you get a new device you have to start all over again. You don't sign up with an email so you can sign in on another device. I had a tablet and I got really far in the game, but I had to restart all of it! And I also with that there was different customers, when really there's only about 5 different ones that are multiplied all over the place. So those reasons are why I'm giving it 5 stars. But besides that, its very fun!
It's good and fun. I just love the fashionable clothes n accessories in this game. But the clothes expire after some time which is kinda disappointing. The game can be more better if we could design our own clothes n sell them. A little creativity is needed to be added. Overall I really like this game n kind of getting addicted to it !!