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Farkle is the best dice game for a good time

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Farkle description

Farkle is the best dice game of such type.
This application enables you to play at any convenient time.

You can play individually without a risk of loosing your chips, practicing and gaining experience, developing new strategies of the game.

You can take your chances and put the chips in a kitty, and if you collect the necessary amount of points, you will get an increased bet. Depending on the type of the game you choose, you can double, triple or even quadruple the bet.

The program also enables playing with friends and strangers. Multiplayer will give an opportunity to feel the excitement of a real fight with real people.

In a tournament you have possibility to compete in real time with players around the world and to prove that you are the best Farkle player.

Game features:
• Simple registration: create a nickname or enter your name.
• At Facebook registration you can play on several devices, using your account. Data of your chips are synchronized on all devices you entered using profile. (Bonus is 10 000 chips).
• Online game with friends and strangers.
• Extra Dice: there are three types of Extra Dice:
- х2 - doubles the points for a round.
- 6 - adds 6 dice for a round.
- F - Unfarkle.
• Extra Dice can be used only once at a game. All three types of Extra Dice can be used in one round.
• Multiplatform: possibility to play with friends who has iOS.
• Participating in weekly, monthly and general rating.
• Purchase of different dice and cups for a game. Be unique, play with non-standard dice and cups. Earn chips and choose the type of dice or cup which you like the most.
• Daily bonus: play every day and get chips and extra dice for a game.
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