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FaceLyt For Facebook Lite
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FaceLyt For Facebook Lite 2.6.1 apk, update on 2017-11-25
I develop and maintain the app free of cost and as a hobby. If you don't like anything or have suggestions, do care to drop a feedback mail. Your negative feedback isn't going to motivate me to fix the bugs anyways. Thanks!

FaceLyt is an alternative and free client to manage your Facebook account! Facelyt gives a great and full experience of browsing Facebook even to the less powerful device!

Theme Support:
9 custom themes to choose from ! Customise your Facebook experience.

Night Mode:
Inverts colors for easier browsing of Facebook at night.

Chat Heads:
Supports messaging in Chat Head mode.

Floating Mode:
Browse through Facebook in floating mode

Share Screenshots/Links:
One click share screenshots and FB links directly to other apps.

URL Hotlinking:
Let's you open Facebook URLs in the app itself.

Video/Image Upload Support:
Supports uploading and downloading of video/images to Facebook.

Basic Mode:
Switch between the full fledged web to the basic version of Facebook according to your need. FaceLyt has intelligent User Agent to adapt to your kind of internet speed.

FaceLyt lets you hotlink your favourite Facebook pages.

External Links:
View external links right in the app itself.

Immersive Nav Bar:
The Facebook navbar is now immersive with the app bar.

Long Press To Share:
Long press on a link to share it directly to other apps.

*Supports image and video uploading.

*Full screen video support.

*Image downloading and zooming support.

*Access Facebook news feed, messages, notifications from the navigation drawer itself.

FaceLyt is for you, forever. No ads, anywhere (unlike some other clients). It keeps your data usage low and your experience the best possible.

Size~= 700KB ensures good performance even on low specification devices.

This app is in no way associated to Facebook and only intends to serve as a web based client to Facebook. Facebook and its affiliated references are intellectual properties of their respective owners.

FaceLyt For Facebook Lite APK reviews

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Kc Cox review Kc Cox
Pls pls, fix the problem!! The reason I give a three star, the fb app but I do have a few problems with uploading photos that not responding at all. The messenger also not responding. I did get arrow; The server at market can't be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.
black raptors review black raptors
spendless minutes to open,than the leading fb,apps,hassle free no annoying adds,very.I'm,a glad to find it this apps.even if I'm,not sure yet,if all features has works, beacuse,it's a comfortable and smooth to use..I hope you developer,you continue to upgrade and review,to this app to more improved,..?????
Quân Nguyễn Vũ Bảo review Quân Nguyễn Vũ Bảo
One day i realise how heavy FB + messenger are, I have try many facebook aio lite but found nothing good until this gem, perfect, ty. For those said this need install messenger just click go to msg.
john DuBois review john DuBois
Got to have messenger installed with this. What's the point? ...of trying to be free of the resource hogging of messenger and or facebook? Fix this and I might reinstall.
Derek Frakes review Derek Frakes
Messager option inside the app doesn't work. Couldn't find where to log out of the app.
erick mccloth review erick mccloth
Its good but i hope to fix some problems, when i want to open links its said i cant use it.,, and need upgrade to make it easier to use...
Justin TC review Justin TC
Ok but...
Add/share video doesnt work.
Bijendra Ratiya review Bijendra Ratiya
User easy interface app
devkaran gurjar review devkaran gurjar
Best FB app
Pulkit Gupta review Pulkit Gupta
Awesome work bro
Dharmveer Moga review Dharmveer Moga
Really very nice
ashok udawat review ashok udawat
Nice app
Jorell Rutledge review Jorell Rutledge
One star because of using Metal for Facebooks description.
Tiny font on tab, almost no settings
Rajat Sharma review Rajat Sharma
भाई का इक़बाल बुलंद हो