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About this product

An Evolutionary Sales Force Automation

EvoSFA description

EvoSFA is a mobile CRM which enable you to plan your day well in advance which enables your manager to provide touch points which helps you to get firm closure on opportunities.

Start your day with an overview of your planned visits and travel accordingly. Review notes and attachments before heading out for meetings, make the perfect sales pitch, and close more deals with ease.

EvoSFA allows not only to seize business opportunities at the right time but it also opens the doors to capture and discuss on customer pain areas along with feedbacks.
With the help of EvoSFA you can stay on top of the most recent documents & developments with customer along with your internal team members. This will allow you and your team to take appropriate business decision with real-time sync insights.
On completion of each visit get report by field force.

An intuitive UI, UX ensures smooth workflows, thus boosting turnarounds and enhancing experience. Your teams can stay updated with real-time flow of information and track each customer, opportunity, can stay in touch with customer via call, whatsapp or email, view deal history, on going quotations, invoices, support ticket on a single app.

Why EvoSFA?
- Faster Sales Cycle
- Enable to Plan your Day, Week, Month
- Keep track of activities on Opportunity
- Visit Reporting
- Track your Employee
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