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Escape to Civilisation minifying and resource shrinking enabled apk, update on 2020-09-17
Imagine the scenario in which you are a backpacker, who is lost in the wild.

Fortunately, you are carrying some useful items. Including some limited amount of food, like a plastic bottle of water, and a tin can of soft beans.

Would you be able to stay warm and sheltered, and collect food from the wild?

Would you be able to walk to other locations, to look for civilisation?

Expect a game in which one has to solve a puzzle, to get step by step closer to a solution. Not an action game, more like a brain game, in which there is time to think and make decisions.

Alone in nature, you can't expect entertainment and luxury. You are on your own, and you are back to basic. The look and feel of the game will be just like that: basic.

This is a game, in which your only enemy is your own wrong decision. Make clever use of your possibilities, and with a bit of good fortune, you will be fine.

Please take note of all of the following important points:
1) The game contains (but doesn't show, nor approves, nor stimulates) hunting, trapping and making a fire in a nature environment. In the real world, do not engage in activities that can result in unnecessary harm and damage, and do not engage in illegal activities. Never make a fire in dry conditions, and don't lose sight and control over the fire.
In short: Respect nature, respect the law, and respect the importance of safety.
2) Never enter wild nature without a professional guide, and sufficient preparation, including a satellite phone with a charged up battery. Nature is tough and without mercy. Even experienced people can get into trouble in no time.
3) This game has not been intended for educational purposes, is not a preparation course, and is not a practise simulation either. The game doesn't serve any other purpose than just fun.
4) The app uses limited storage to save and load the game state in 1 file - and the app uses storage for this purpose only, and does not read any other file.
5) The game has been tested on different Android platforms. Do you nevertheless experience starting problems? Be sure to let me know. Not via a low-rated review, but simply via email.
6) Suggestions for improvement are always welcome, and please don't hesitate to send me a mail. Reply speed and reply possibilities will depend on the amount of mails.

Take care!


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