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Escape Action 1.7 apk, update on 2016-01-14
Escape Action is #1 FREE PUZZLE GAME on Android. Can you solve all the challenging puzzles and escape the rooms?

You are a security expert specializing in testing the reliability of maximum security prisons. You job is to exploit the weaknesses of the prisons and escape without a hitch. But one day after you woke up, you found yourself framed and incarcerated in a secret house which is full of mystery rooms on different floors. You have to use your skills to break out of the rooms in order to escape and avoid death. Now solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you can use in the rooms to escape and find out who trapped you!

How to Play:
- Tap, Tilt, Shake and Rotate you cell phone to solve the puzzles
- You can also pick up hidden items in the room and use them to find out a solution

Game Features:
- Stunning graphics with a highly polished interface and distinctive soundtrack
- 100+ toughest levels to keep you stick to the game
- 15 in-game achievements and daily bonus to earn

Escape Action APK reviews

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Clasic70's crapps review Clasic70's crapps
I have played for a long time and had finished all of the levels. I also paid for the extra help. I finished to level 100. U had to get a new phone and redownloaded it. When i did that like google told me. It made me loose all of my points, positions, and i had yo start all over.can someone be able to get it back
Amy Smith review Amy Smith
It's a cool concept- a little different from other escape games. But it was too hard to figure out what the trick was for each level. Then once I did figure it out, it was already on to the next level. Maybe the higher levels get more complicated, but I don't like it enough to keep playing and find out.
Maria Christine review Maria Christine
What an awesome game!! Love the challenge of solving the levels. The ''challenge rooms'' are too difficult as they are given ridiculous times to do it in, so we end up having to save coins over a week to be able to buy ''infinity'' and continue the game. Both my husband and i play it on our phones having mini challenges as well. We're at level 76 at the moment. Absolute GREAT fun!!
theresa vernon review theresa vernon
Love the game but wish I could reload my game from save point when I change my phone always have to start from the beginning. Fix this and I will be glad to give 5 stars! Suck on level 52 because phone doesn't have a visible microphone to blew into to complete the level!
Lisa Doran review Lisa Doran
I love this game it is very challenging but fun all at the same time. Sometimes it drives me crazy when I can't figured it out but I eventually do. I have passed level 100 and I was wondering if there were any levels past 100 to play? Thank you.
pratima amberkar review pratima amberkar
Playing level 42 for 2 weeks. Tried adjusting the clock time with the device time but no use. Not able to play further even the ans is right. Plssssss fix dis. It's irritating me. Den will give u 5 stars...
Alice Miller review Alice Miller
Really good. Some are really easy and then you hit a hard one that might take a few days to get (unless you buy a clue or look online). I rather fight through it and do it on my own. However I do buy the extended time on all the challenges.
Karisa Ray review Karisa Ray
All around fun game. Some of the challenge rooms do not give enough time making you spend coins. And some regular room have no normal way to figure them with out using hints but I like it!
Ambika Thapar review Ambika Thapar
I cannot escape from level 7 it is too difficult to go from there. If anybody knows then tell me the answer. As soon as possible. Please! If anybody is on 100 level so please tell me how to do the 7 level. If any body can tell then give me the answer. I will check the answers tomorrow. Please give me the answers. It's very difficult game to play. Ok then friends bye.
A Google user review A Google user
This game is not only fun but challenging! The challenges make you all the more eager and determined to never give up. This game keeps you on your toes to search for the possible and hidden solutions! Unfortunately, I was on level 68 but I think either the game deleted itself from my device or I did. I wish the game would've recognized my device and that I reinstalled it. Other than that, this game is cool!
Jillian Gellert review Jillian Gellert
Loyal fan here, always update when available love this game! Just updated the latest levels, level 91 green lights will not light above the door even once i put in the correct equation. Help please
A Google user review A Google user
The puzzles start fun then some don't make much sense. After a bit challenges become impossible without using coins.good way to waste time till level 35-50 but after that no thanks.
Pharcus Winjammer review Pharcus Winjammer
Some challenges are beyond blind logic and require hints just to know what action required. Biggest plus is free with enough patience. Pay only if impatient. Otherwise can earn enough points over time. Could use a tutorial on all actions possible.
Carolyne Maddams review Carolyne Maddams
Lve the game put i have done all 100 levels n i still don't know who taped me. how many level do i need 2 do 2 find out who trapped me n when will they be more levels or i can escape n finsh the game. Been waiting wks for more levels.
Anna Lamandau review Anna Lamandau
This one is very much challenging. Each door is very much tricky and some doors have unexpectable way to solve it. In a lot of doors you have to see and think just like a little kid. I just don't like the part that needs fingers speed skills. So irritating. But overall this game is soooo fun. Gezellig!