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Neglect type Item girl raising!!

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★★★ Strike items and level up ★★★★★
★★★ in Enchant Hero!! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

▣ Power up and level up your items!!
Need new gear?
They are ready just for you at the store!!
Buy new gear once your item power-up is complete!!
※ But you may not like the price.

▣ Get more skill points!!
Get more skills to power up
and power up your items!!
※ Oh, and don’t forget to collect a lot of gold and special currencies.

▣ Character Level Up!!
Enchant Hero and Item Effect...
Power up your adventurous girl and cute little spirits!!
※ Well, whether they’re really cute even our development team
can't agree upon.

▣ Artifacts with mighty potential power!!
Power up your artifacts to get all-mighty power!!
A tip to get strongerㅡpower up as many artifacts as possible
and be blessed by God.
※ Not affiliated to any specific religion.

▣ This clicker game transforms into a player-operated
game in the dungeon round!! Some dungeon rounds are incremental,
but not the Slim Dungeon. You'll have to operate the spirits to win!!
※ You'll see rotten slime flying everywhere that seems to be living
its third life.

▣ Customer Service Email
[email protected]

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