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Kegel trainer and pelvic floor exercises for better bladder control

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634 ratings

Emy - Kegel exercises description

Emy is a free mobile application: an effective and easy way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles! You can do your Kegel exercises wherever and whenever you want, with or without the smart Kegel trainer Emy.

Train and tone your pelvic floor with fun Kegel exercises. 5-minute sessions are enough to strengthen your pelvic floor. Access your progress graph and schedule reminders so you do not forget to exercise!

To go further in your training, discover the smart Kegel trainer Emy, entirely made in France.
You can buy your pelvic floor trainer at www.fizimed.com/en.

Emy is a medical innovation connected to the app Emy and allows you to have real-time feedback on your pelvic muscle contractions thanks to the technology of biofeedback. You will access 20 medical games in 5 different game worlds to stay motivated.

Designed by and for women, the Kegel exercises are based on approved therapeutic protocols used by pelvic floor experts. The Emy Kegel trainer has been developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals: benefit from a personalized program adjusted to your personal needs and training level! An intuitive interface allows you to follow the evolution of your physical indicators and your progress.
Our users are extremely satisfied since they see the first effects only after 3 weeks of use! So do not wait, take control of your pelvic floor and bladder, stop urinary leaks and incontinence issues and regain confidence in yourself!

The scientific and educational content in the app helps you to better understand the pelvic floor and urinary incontinence. Furthermore, you can access many tips written by health professionals specialized in pelvic floor therapy for more effective training. Get ready and regain control of your body!
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