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About this product

The most important alarm information’s on the smartphone

EMEREC Mobile description

The most important alarm information in your hand.

The EMEREC App supports the crew in daily operations. This all-round solution is an optimal complement to RDS EMEREC Pilot and the alarm monitor.

• Mission information and alerting data always at hand
• Location of the emergency forces via GPS tracking function
• Navigation: Automatic address transfer into the operation navigation
• Display of hydrants, objects and symbols on different map layers
• Operation messenger. Sending and receiving text and voice messages as well as videos, images and other content such as fire protection plans, data sheets, etc.
• Alerting and engagement not only on the alarm monitor - know who is on site and when.
• Contacts: All mission-critical contacts available on the smartphone.

The engagement is visible in RDS EMEREC Mobile as well as on RDS EMEREC Alarm Monitor (EAM).

RDS EMEREC Mobile supports safety-relevant organizations such as the fire department, rescue services or the police in the processing of a wide range of scenarios, from small-scale operations to large-scale emergencies.

All information content is maintained and managed via a central data administration system. This means that the required system content is automatically available to all RDS EMEREC Mobile users in up-to-date form. RDS EMEREC Mobile thus relies on a uniform and common database of the EMEREC product portfolio and thus ensures an automatic exchange of information between all terminal devices at the site of operation.

Prerequisite: Interface to an alarming system
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