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Electric Circuit AR
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Electric Circuit AR 1.0 apk, update on 2019-08-22
Electric circuit application helps learners to learn about electronic components and electric circuits. This application and flashcards are developed to bring simple, fun, engaging and effective gamified learning experience for learners.

With augmented reality feature, learners can study detailed internal structures of electronic components. Audio narration feature can also assist as a personal guide throughout learning.

Augmented Reality circuit games are based on fundamental electronic theories and principles. Just by dragging and dropping components in 3D space, different combinations of circuits can be built.

Detail explanations about each component and circuit are also included in the "LEARN COMPONENTS" and "LEARN CIRCUITS" section.

Mini-games and Quizzes also provide ways to examine learners' level of understanding. Being based on Gamification ideas and concepts, learning journey will be fun, engaging and effective.

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