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Egypt Pop Bubble Shooter
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Egypt Pop Bubble Shooter 1.9 apk, update on 2017-04-03
Pop all the bubbles before you run out of shots. There are 700 tricky levels to complete in the land of the ancient Pharaohs.
Matching at least three colors will burst the bubbles.
Earn special power-ups and boosts to help you in your quest.
Can you beat the Mummy’s curse and pull off bubble popping combos to win three stars on every level?
* Drag your finger to aim and lift to fire.
* Tap the bubble to change color.
* Make 7 shots in a row to earn a magic fireball.
* Drop 10 bubbles or more for a bouncing bomb.
* Shots are limited, so aim carefully!

Pull off combos to boost your score.
There’s no clock ticking down, so you can play at your own pace.
This is addictive, bubble popping fun that the whole family will enjoy.
Race against friends or family to see who can free Ancient Egypt of those pesky bubbles first.

All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.

Egypt Pop Bubble Shooter APK reviews

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Veronica Lee review Veronica Lee
It's a really good relaxing game very easy. Who cares about the ads. They aren't video ads, and you don't have to wait a certain amount of time until you can exit them. Just simply press the back button! The music is relaxing, kinda creepy but cool! ❤ I love it! ?? Good job guys! ?
Storm Storm review Storm Storm
Awesome game...fresh... do give it try. Yes I love the game but why don't you give me the gems I purchased on the 12 the Of Nov or should I request a refund through Google Again???? NOTE TO ALL PLAYERS BEWARE THIS GAME FREEZES AT A LOT ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE ONE BUBBLE FROM WINNING...THIS IS THE MAJOR DRAW BACK TO THIS GAME, in addition, apparently if you are not a connected to FB purchase of gems are another annoying issue...other than that the game is awesome! Although Developers are slow in their responses and fixing the issues as per requested.
Kj Lovitt review Kj Lovitt
I love this game. Whenever I'm trying to kill time or need a minute to zone out...I pull this game up. Works every time!
jake hines review jake hines
I was having a blast with this game until it decided to erase my progress and start me back at lvl 1. Uninstalled
Jorge Lima review Jorge Lima
games are supposed to be fun, the 300s levels are f%@&$@ miserable, your AI is just making it stupidly impossible to play this f%@&#() game
Dave Johnson review Dave Johnson
Very Challenging
Takes more thought than you'd think.
Roberta Molencamp review Roberta Molencamp
To many pop up ads
Jennifer Fairchild review Jennifer Fairchild
Jennifer. Fairchild
Colleen LaFontsee review Colleen LaFontsee
Amanda Richards review Amanda Richards
Shane Byrne review Shane Byrne
Good game
Like it a lot
Chelsea Townsend review Chelsea Townsend
This is a pretty fun game. It's challenging but not so hard that it's unbeatable. My problem with the game is that I played up to level 600 and a day later the game completely reset losing all the work I put in. I restarted the game and got to about to level 715 and the game reset me to level 600. I'm. Just done. I'm not going to bust my butt at a game for it reset in me.
saleh mosleh review saleh mosleh
It is an ok game but it needs to be re arranged the way at the ends of each level giving you the wrong colour to end up want to buy ones for real money
janice Reid review janice Reid
Fun to play
Gerry McKeown review Gerry McKeown
It is relaxing