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EF Mentor: Words
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EF Mentor: Words apk, update on 2017-11-03
This application requires an existing EF account.

EF Mentor: Words helps you learn new words.

• Search the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary for words and phrases
• Complete personalized activities for the words you add
• Study regularly and see your vocabulary grow!

EF Mentor: Words helps you learn more, faster.

• Spaced study scheduling maximizes memorization and learning speed
• Unique, varied activities generated for each student
• Fast 2-minute practice wherever and whenever you want
• Adjusts to your learning level

For EF students learning a language abroad, vocabulary from the syllabus is automatically added to your word list each week.

Includes content adapted from Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries © Oxford University Press 2016

EF Mentor: Words APK reviews

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JS MC review JS MC
contents are good but the application has lots of error. e.g. wrong week wors, stop suddenly and never access to app again..
ahmad chaaban review ahmad chaaban
The app is not syncing.. before the last update it used to work properly and I would've given you 5 stars but now it's been 2 weeks without being able to use the app
fatima hussain review fatima hussain
Very nice app it is fast and makes learning English easy
Ef mentor is very useful for every lesson that we have in the class
Bryan Sugiyo review Bryan Sugiyo
Why we cant test please
Dwiyasa Nakula review Dwiyasa Nakula
The mastery is too long
Fellipe Carvalho da Silva review Fellipe Carvalho da Silva
I love it
Nizar Zakaria review Nizar Zakaria
Alexander Bell review Alexander Bell
There should be an option to disable the listening tests. I am not learning with this. Just bored of it
Tobias Simon review Tobias Simon
Even if I choose American English, it still shows me words in British English. And furthermore, the apps often crash and is extremely slow.
Ali Farrag review Ali Farrag
I have EF account, but still I can't log in, always showing wrong username or password
Елена Кучерова review Елена Кучерова
It says "wrong login or password" but still I use these credentials to enter EF
Тимур Файзуллин review Тимур Файзуллин
What's wrong with u? It says incorrect log/pass...
Perseu Soares review Perseu Soares
I have a EF account, but I can't log in, the app always show "incorrect username or password".
Carlos Esquivel review Carlos Esquivel
Avanza demasiado rápido y no te deja contestar 🤨