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eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money apk, update on 2017-06-20
Whether you're searching to buy new clothes, a used car, or summer updates to your wardrobe, eBay has it all. eBay makes it easy to shop, search, bid, sell and save money anywhere, any time. Buy and sell on the go, find deals, manage your eBay experience and check the status of an auction.

Compare prices on new and used cars, jewelry, womens fashion, mens clothing, home & garden and more with amazing savings! Shop eBay Deals for featured coupons and discounts on top brands, always with free shipping. Save money and find great online shopping deals with eBay’s personalized search!

Buy and sell in categories like:

Cars, Car Parts & Automotive Gear
• Car sales from thousands of worldwide retailers
• New and used cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles, plus accessories
• Automotive gear, motorcycle helmets, gloves, jackets and more

Clothes, fashion & outfits
• Outfit essentials – from women's clothing to men's fashion to outfit inspiration
• Clothing, shoes and accessories for any occasion
• Jewelry from top brands
• Fashion shopping from designer fashion brands
• Shopping deals on Summer's hottest looks

Home & Garden
• Home design, accessories and decor. Save money on your next renovation!
• Garden tools and decorations to complement any style
• Outdoor furniture for summer

Cell phones, electronics & laptop computers
• Compare prices on cell phones\
• Electronics, video games, movies and more
• Laptop computers, accessories and cases

Gift Ideas & More
• Father's Day gifts for Dads
• Graduation presents for the class of 2017
• Summer savings on everything you'll need to keep cool
• Coupon hunters will love eBay Deals and free shipping

& much more!

With eBay you can:

Save money with eBay deals:
• Deals and discounts on brand-new electronics, fashion and more
• Free shipping on all eBay Deals

Sell your items online:
• Selling cars, jewelry or gadgets – sell it all, big or small
• Barcode Scanner to scan products & set up sales in minutes
• Sell stuff on the go - revise and manage your listings on your phone

Search and sell with the bar code scanner & reader:
• Scan products with the barcode scanner to compare prices online
• Barcode reader lets you scan any item to instantly start a new listing
• QR code reader can read QR codes and save you time shopping

Buy clothing, cell phones, cars for sale and more at bargain prices:
• Bid and buy to save money from trusted sellers
• Search, bid, buy or make offers on unique items from sellers worldwide
• Browse personalized recommendations
• Save your favorite searches and sellers for quick access
• Coupons and deals to help you save money
• Auction pricing means you get the best deal possible

Track orders and get notifications:
• Get customizable alerts about your eBay items and activity
• Shipping tracker for your packages
• Leave feedback
• Read and respond to eBay messages

Search and bid with eBay for discounts on clothing, cars, collectibles and anything else under the sun. Download the eBay app and start your search today!

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Dutch (Belgium + Netherlands)

Your feedback & suggestions are important to us! Contact us on Twitter @askebay or www.ebay.com/android

We know you value your privacy when apps request permissions. Here is exactly how they are used:

YOUR ACCOUNTS: Let us send you push notifications if requested.

SYSTEM TOOLS: Let us wake up your device to send notifications, after which the device automatically returns to sleep mode.

LOCATION: Let us provide search results relevant to your location.

NETWORK COMMUNICATION: Share items with your friends or others on eBay using Near Field Communication (NFC). Just enable NFC on your device settings, then hold your phone up to theirs and we’ll send the item over!

CAMERA: Scan barcodes for comparison shopping or start a new listing, take pics of an item you're listing, and attach pics to eBay messages.

List eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money APK files with old version

+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2017-06-20 09:38:42, size: 20,429,438)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2017-06-13 01:05:00, size: 20,431,075)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2017-05-16 23:00:51, size: 20,132,828)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2017-04-26 06:19:53, size: 19,842,714)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2017-03-21 06:35:01, size: 19,795,364)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2017-02-22 00:14:45, size: 18,929,000)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2017-01-25 17:14:58, size: 19,438,327)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2016-11-02 10:14:23, size: 22,424,622)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2016-10-06 05:30:20, size: 22,418,047)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2016-09-14 10:13:27, size: 22,136,491)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2016-08-10 23:46:41, size: 21,629,359)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2016-07-23 05:37:47, size: 20,640,871)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2016-06-06 08:21:10, size: 19,997,868)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2016-05-04 02:43:21, size: 18,995,529)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2016-02-28 10:09:35, size: 18,177,458)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2016-01-10 01:29:32, size: 18,576,806)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2016-01-10 01:29:28, size: 23,455,353)
+ eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money version (Updated: 2016-01-10 01:29:25, size: 13,625,541)

eBay - Buy, Sell & Save Money APK reviews

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Emma Benger review Emma Benger
New update
Since the update ebay doesnt load searches or pages, it just comes up with the circle loading icon. Sometimes it takes a minute to load and sometimes it takes so long that I give up with Ebay!! Please sort it out!!!
Rudy Serna review Rudy Serna
Used to be good, hate the new design. Its difficult to navigate and I need to exit out a lot to go from selling to buying. Doesn't show who left you feedback anymore. This update makes me not want to use the app anymore. Nothing was wrong with the previous version!! Bring it back.
Russel Messick review Russel Messick
New design nightmare
Used to be a great app, but this drastically changed design is so bad I have your now go to my computer to do anything.
Izzy Gordon review Izzy Gordon
Why change it?
Don't get me wrong the previous version of this app had its faults - for example prices changing greatly when you click on it if its coming from abroad and not including any import charges in the postage so you get a nasty surprise at the checkout. But it was much better than it is now...when ebay updated it said 'easier to navigate' and that's a total lie, I can't find my way around very easily and end up in all sorts of places, changing the search options takes more buttons than it used to. Change it back
Stephen Adby review Stephen Adby
Very poor update
Ebay used to be fast but now it takes forever to search for anything, let alone bid on it. Please fix or roll back to the previous version.
Dan O review Dan O
This new version sucks. Why not just leave well enough alone. The old version worked just fine. I can't even figure out how to leave feedback on this thing. Please change it back!
Tony Fernandez review Tony Fernandez
Buggy as a bugs nest
Honestly.. Who let this out the door? The only improvement to the old version are that its quicker. Everything else - navigation/look/GUI/Ease of use is just terrible. Not to mention how buggy it is, especially notifications.
Update stinks!
Never had an issue with previous version. Pages won't load and app is SLOW!!! Why ebay? Fix it or go back to old app.
Dustin 'DT' Turnbull review Dustin 'DT' Turnbull
One star until the app is fixed.
Constant loading screens since latest update. Was a 4 star app before that. Fix it or give us back the old app that worked please.
Kanda K review Kanda K
What have you done?
This new update is just awful and everything takes an age to load!! Was nothing wrong with the old app, just needed a few more options as on desktop, ie seller notes, send invoice, cancel etc. A bar chart of sales would be great too (great feature on Amazon app) I can not see a single improvement to this app?
Michelle Kirk review Michelle Kirk
The old version was very user friendly. The new version just isn't. As another reviewer put it - why fix it if it's not broken? I echo this sentiment. I accept the app may have had to change slightly with ebay & PayPal becoming separate companies but the changes made are serious overkill. Please ebay, change it back!
James Anson review James Anson
Latest up date
Y change things that DON'T NEED CHANGING this app has gone sooooo slow with loading time please fix asap
Sebastian S review Sebastian S
What's that????
NOT simple, NOT essential and NOT clear! What once was in one place is now thrown over and over. Why do I have to click a million buttons to see my articles for sale?? We don't want bling-bling-graphics and a kittenish navigation - we want all information in one place! This is a mobile app!!
martin curtis review martin curtis
Hopeless now
Hangs a lot, and just so poor compared with previous versions when bits do work. Also changed my saved search terms so different to my PC version. Why? Won't be able to use eBay on mobile until this improves.
auxentios 1 review auxentios 1
Well done ebay u just pis**d off 100 million users
Great app had no problems with it. Untill now not happy with the latest update now the app takes forever to load anything sane as when u look for something.