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About this product

Enables users to retrieve & add real-time info from GIS database & applications

Ease GIS description

To facilitate the ‘Ease of Use’ to the end user, GIS has to reach them on their hands / on site / anywhere and everywhere. Mobility is the only solution through which user can access the GIS applications on site. GIS on mobile can help user to capture the network changes on site at real time / easily locate the asset or consumer with help of GPS / view the entire electrical network on site / view site feasibility and take decision. Mobility can also help the user to capture and update the data on site more accurately and timely.
Towards empowering users with the above mentioned capability, we have developed an Android mobile based APP, named EASE GIS. This initiative is one of its kind and probably the first being developed in-house and used by any Indian electrical utility company. This APP has facilitated GIS to be taken into the field as digital maps on compact, mobile computers, providing field access to enterprise geographic information. It enables the users to retrieve and add real-time information to their GIS database and applications, speeding up analysis, display, and decision making by using up-to-date, more accurate spatial data.
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