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Do you want to smoke healthy cigarettes? Get virtual e-cigarette!

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E-cigarette is a revolutionary discovery for every cigarette smoker! It gives 100% satisfaction from smoking tabacco and contains nicotine without any tarry or toxic substances. This simulator allows you to smoke e-cigarette straight form your phone! This app is a realistic simulator of electronic cigarette which you can smoke anywhere you want, always for free.

If you are smoking e-cigs or using vaporizer but you don't have battery or you forgot to take it from home - use virtual cigarette. This app will replace those devices and allows you to smoke in a healthy way.

You can also use 'e-cigarette for free' to fool your friends. For example if your friend will ask you if you have a cigarette - open this app and pretend that you are smoking a virtual electronic cigarette. Everyone will be shocked that you can smoke it even in prohibited places!
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