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Durust Daam Balochistan: Official App of Government of Balochistan.

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Durust Daam Balochistan description

Durrast Dam Balochistan App description:

‘Durust Daam ’ (exact price) is the official android app of Government of Balochistan to control the illegal profiteering by shopkeepers in the Balochistan province. This app is developed by Science And Information Technology Department Balochistan to facilitate the citizens of Balochistan. App also has a web based CMS to input latest rates.

Complaints redressal is through Pakistan Citizen Portal App as per directives of Prime Minister’s Office.


• Durrast Dam app is based on SAAS (Software as a Service) Platform Architecture.

• App users can get the latest and old rates of commodities.

• User can get the rates w.r.t administrative sector of Government of Balochistan.

• App provide rates against four main categories, i.e Essential Commodities, Fruits, Vegetables and Poultry Items.

• On click of the single item, one can find detailed comparison of prices in different dates to find out trend in product price.

• Share option is there to share the price of a single commodity through various apps.

• Users can get prices w.r.t date after selecting a date from the calendar.

• Complaint resolution is through Pakistan Citizens portal app as per direction from Prime Minister’s office.
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