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About this product

Train your memory skills with this clean and beautiful memory match card game.

Duology - Memory match game description

Want to train your memory? Give your brain some healthy exercise by playing Duology - Memory match game.

Pay attention when flipping the cards and try to remember where each of the symbols are located. Match them in pairs of two to solve the puzzle.

Concentrate, be accurate and fast to get the highest score possible.

Duology offers the best memory matching features:
- Match cards in pairs
- Classic mode. Take as much time or moves as you need to solve the puzzle.
- Timed mode for an extra challenge. Can you beat the clock?
- Limited moves mode. Take your time and be as accurate as possible.
- Various play grid sizes. Start small, train and progress to the large and difficult grids.
- Clean UI with support for different color themes.
- Beautiful and smooth animations.
- Different symbols on the cards. You can choose from icons, numbers and letters, with more to come in the future.
- Choose the way you want to play. With options for hiding solved card pairs, indicating which cards you have not yet seen and more.
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