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Dungeon Link 1.34.10 apk, update on 2018-07-30
Dungeon Link is exciting adventure puzzle RPG created for mobile and tablet gaming! Test your wit and logic with challenging and addictive gameplay!

Help the charming warriors ambush monsters in diverting puzzle maps. Discover new characters and powerful heroes along the adventure.

Link your own path to victory in this highly addicting puzzle RPG!

Solve & Strategize with simple touch-and-drag controls
- Link tiles on the entire board to unleash maximum strength attacks
- Use your intellect to link tiles for explosive combos and fierce attacks!

Collect & Customize
- Level Up and Enhance more than 250 heroes
- Learn your hero's special attacks to gain the upper hand

Invite your friends to join the adventure!
- Make friends and combine forces to conquer the toughest dungeons
- Earn bigger rewards by working together with friends

Special Dungeons, PVP, and Boss Raids!
- Clear special dungeons to collect rare heroes
- Compete against other adventurers in PVP to prove your team's strength, power, and skill
- Engage in Boss Raids for awesome rewards

Navigate the world of Dungeon Link with Finn and Jake from Adventure Time!

*Access authorization notice for gameplay
STORAGE : Authorization is required to store game data. Personal files such as photos will not be accessed.
PHONE : Authorization is required to proceed with in-game events and rewards. Will not affect calls.
CONTACTS : Authorization is required to sync your friend list and Google Account.

** This game is available in English.
** There may be additional costs when trying to obtain certain items.

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Dungeon Link APK reviews

Angelina Chandra review Angelina Chandra
Help, it stucks >< At first it progress quite smooth, but after reaching the progress bar its completely stuck at 0%. Before, I think its just my Wi-Fi, but after a few days now I know its not caused by my internet connection. Hopefully your company is alright and there's another update to solve this matter. Thank you very much. Best regards, Your User
Ryan Halbrooks review Ryan Halbrooks
I've been playing this game for two years but since the last update it's been stuck on loading 0% and I cannot play. I'm very frustrated. I'll give this game five stars again when this is fixed!
Jedi Lewis review Jedi Lewis
Never got to play the stupid game. After over 30 minutes of downloading, ( what the game downloaded that took 30 minutes I'll never know ) the game tells me I need to restart the game because it can't get a connection to the server. At the same time, my buddy is crying to me about his girlfriend on "Messenger". If I can get live whining, why can't your game connect to it's server?
Le Ink Tattoo review Le Ink Tattoo
I play this game over 2 years and love it ,but since the last update, I cannot start the game anymore on my Samsung galaxy 8+. It stuck on the start screen at 0%. Before that I could play but failed to open the event screen. So I missed two events. Luckly the events where boring, but still they must fixed that first. If they fixed everything I will give them 5 stars but foe now 1. If they are lazy to fixed the game then I'm also lazy to give them good ratings.
Linda Franken review Linda Franken
Since the last update, I can't start the game anymore. The loading screen is just stuck on 0% Something that helped for me, was to uninstall the game and then reinstall it. However a proper fix would be better.
zach king review zach king
Since last update its stuck at 0% when loading. Will go back to 5 stars when fixed. Have been playing this game for 2 years every day. Please fix this!!!!
Madziak Games review Madziak Games
The game was really good, but my account got deleted. My account was linked to facebook and earlier everything was fine. Today, after few weeks i wanted to play again, so i tried to log in but i got message, that my account can't be found. Hope you'll help me.
Luis Ortiz review Luis Ortiz
Cool game, but not as good as Spirit Stones was. The childish art doesn't compare to the illustrations of SS, also was faster and intuitive than this. I'm about to throw money for a SS comeback, but for this thinking that maybe someday will the service be terminated as SS... Well i just gonna keep it free without any purchase.
Micah Lazo review Micah Lazo
Since the latest update I haven't been stuck at 0% on the loading screen. This is wasting my time I could be using to grind for the rewards for the latest event
Ray Moulton review Ray Moulton
Since the last update the game will not load. Prior to that the game often quits without reason or explanation when entering combat. Fun game. Fix the bugs and I will change my rating.
David Elkington review David Elkington
Like many others here. After update it sits frozen at 0%. 2 separate devices updated about 4 days apart and the 2nd one was working fine until the update hit.
Zachary Marlowe review Zachary Marlowe
Was ok until latest update, had to uninstall to get patch to update on Android. They still ignored people's suggestions and the update did not fix anything but tweak unused characters.
Jessica Searby review Jessica Searby
Love the game but since last update it won't go past 0% on the loading screen. It doesn't seem like the developers are giving any feedback about eta....
McKenzie Blue review McKenzie Blue
I love this game but after the update the game won't open its stuck on 0% it's annoying to have to delete this app every update just to make it load
Got7AceDay6Bias review Got7AceDay6Bias
Really love the game , i have been playing everyday since download but when it updated it was stuck loading at %
Nunya Bidness review Nunya Bidness
Great but won't load anymore. Ever since the last update it won't load, it's just stalled on the loading page.
Soh Jordon review Soh Jordon
Its cant load and its still stuck at 0%.Could you kindly fix it and patch it
Yeswanth Tadimalla review Yeswanth Tadimalla
I will give a 5 star but I lost all account info as I didn't have a hive accent, I spent a lot of time playing and it's all lost now :( (username akhirah)
Kitty Catz Cast review Kitty Catz Cast
Something in the latest update has broken everyone's game
Mea Mijares review Mea Mijares
My account has been stack at 0% since the latest update. Please fix it now
Christopher Burse review Christopher Burse
Overall, the game is fun. Takes a long time to get through awakening, though. That's a total grind. Gameplay is a lot of fun.
Arif Kurniawan review Arif Kurniawan
u all need reinstall the game if stuck 0 percent
Nick Cavallaro review Nick Cavallaro
Game won't load after latest update. Fix the game to fix your rating.
Sallegion 007 review Sallegion 007
Please fix this, i stuck at loading screen
Zack Walden review Zack Walden
Now that they updated the game I can't seem to open it up.
Jeramy Headley review Jeramy Headley
Love this game but after I installed the update the game won't load anymore, please fix this!
Jose Martinez review Jose Martinez
Well can't pass from downloading resources please fix
Johnathan Carson review Johnathan Carson
Best game ever and very addictive and always exciting
damian kendrigan review damian kendrigan
Can't play it after the last update please Fix
oomi z00mi review oomi z00mi
This game provides a good headstart and includes various fighting puzzles
Albert Lee review Albert Lee
Stuck at 0%
Ellis Lloyd review Ellis Lloyd
cloud strife review cloud strife
Problem fixed
Fernando Vazquez review Fernando Vazquez
Pretty good game
Woong Wen Lik review Woong Wen Lik
Fun and easy to play
Dylan Garcia review Dylan Garcia
Nerow Rampage review Nerow Rampage
We like it.
Nicholas Blanchard review Nicholas Blanchard
Love it
Dylan Haase review Dylan Haase
Derek Klein review Derek Klein