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Dumbbell Exercises and Workout
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Dumbbell Exercises and Workout 1.6 apk, update on 2017-05-24
Get results and attractive body quickly. While other exercise plans call for up to two hours of your day, this high-intensity workout app only ask for 7 minutes to melt the extra weight right off.

High-intensity interval and intermittent training is the workout of the future. Research has shown that short bursts of exercise are more effective in weight loss than other aerobic activities. In addition, these anaerobic exercises improve your glucose metabolism (for better digestion) and increase athletic condition (for both your health and looking better). Essentially, by pushing yourself for short periods of times, instead of pacing over several hours, your body prepares itself for more intense exercise and gets you in shape faster.

Our 7 min Apps:

7 min Butt Workout
7 min Abs Workout
7 min Chest/Push-Ups Workout
7 min Fat Burning Workout
7 min Arms Workout
7 min Cardio Warm-Up Workout
7 min Legs Workout
7 min Stretching Workout
7 min Full Body Workout
7 min Legs Abs Butt Workout
7 min Calisthenics Workout
7 min Plank Workout
7 min Skipping Rope Workout
7 min Kettlebell Workout
7 min Band Workout
7 min Dumbbell Workout
7 min Barbell Workout
7 min Medicine Ball Workout
7 min TRX Workout
7 min Partner Workout

You may not have enough time to train for a marathon, or bench press 350, but you surely have 7 minutes to stay in shape or lose some extra pounds. This simple app guides you with instruction and keeps track of your workout so you can do it anywhere. Workout before your morning shower, at your lunch break at work, or while dinner is cooking in the evening. No longer will you have to schedule a workout, for this app can be used flexibly with your schedule. From now on, whenever you find yourself saying “I have a few minutes” or “I’m bored” you can use that time to get in shape!

Sure, you can join a costly gym and pay for a trainer to consult and make a workout plan for you. But if you’re like us, you are trying to burn fat, not your money! Exercise shouldn’t break the bank, and you shouldn’t have to drive out of your way to go and do it. This app is your own personal trainer who is always with you. All you need to cut that annoying fat off your body is the app, a little space, and the motivation to become the athlete you’ve been trying to be!

Your ambition is your greatest strength and you can harness it easily with the tools we will provide you. Happy fat burning everyone.


Dumbbell Exercises and Workout APK reviews

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Ranjani KVM.Sarma review Ranjani KVM.Sarma
Super before I am 49.0 now I am 33.0
praveena nampalli review praveena nampalli
I want more workouts in it
Matt Read review Matt Read
Ads ads and more ads
Ads ads and more ads
Kishan Chandra review Kishan Chandra
Its not uninstalling...
Serge BLANC review Serge BLANC
Ads but no abs
This app is useless. The ads load very fast, but the exercises videos don't at all. It's ok to have ads on a free app. but at least you expect some content also! Tried several times in vain and uninstalled.
Ahsan Farooq review Ahsan Farooq
Awesome for burning fat
Includes one exercise for every part biceps,triceps,shoulder,abs,legs,calfs even for chest push-ups with dumbbells ?
A Google user review A Google user
I love all the videos..
Marie Graham review Marie Graham
Jason Johnston review Jason Johnston
Gives you a plan for the gym
Ahmed Samy review Ahmed Samy
جيد جدا حملوووه
Angela M review Angela M
This app is too fast paced for a beginner. There were no instructions as to how long each exercise lasted and when to change. No settings available either to turn off the music etc. I think this app needs some more development.
Yone Simidzu review Yone Simidzu
Lots of ads covering the whole page
Madhu Sudan Saha review Madhu Sudan Saha
But not the Best
Jaid Sayyed review Jaid Sayyed
sunil apo review sunil apo
Loved it