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Dubai Drift 2
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Dubai Drift 2 2.5.3 apk, update on 2020-06-11
In Dubai Drift 2 you will be playing online against millions of players enjoying this game all around the world. Drift around our amazing arenas in a great collection of sporting and racing cars all having realistic physics.

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Isaiah Devone review Isaiah Devone
Needs some things
Add more to the solo play only three is boring.Also why do you have to watch 500 or 250 videos when you can just watch one.Also add a campain to buy cars with in game money instead of real money. Make grahics the same as on the view sceern when you get it
fortune xcx review fortune xcx
Doesn't open on my phone
Another game that won't work on my phone OMFG
Please make it easy to buy cars
Do to Ramadan give out free cars and special ones like the patrol nissan pls
Ronald Bradt review Ronald Bradt
This game is stupid waste of time
BlackFox3XD review BlackFox3XD
Mr. Anonymous review Mr. Anonymous
It's ok
So when I started playing it was fine.But after I bought a few cars, it won't go pass the loading screen and it's makes me very angry. Yet I have figured out how to get ur cars back! (Only if ur logged in with Google play)Anyway just delete that app, redownload it and sign in! Then u will get all ur cars back!
PROPROGAMING 123probro review PROPROGAMING 123probro
Good thing
But you should add this. Like the stuff have you created you need to make it all free not all payed. Plz I swear if you make it all free I will give you a five star and thanks so much that you add pick a legendary car for free thanks. Now keep up the good work and add the nitro bar thingy that filles up every 30 minutes ok. Keep up the good work!!! ;)????????✌?
Haris Supercar review Haris Supercar
Very fun
Thank you for update legendary 2 fast n 2 furious brian o conner nissan skyline gtr r34. Thanks for free to claim reward fast n furious car i choice nissan gtr r34 fast n furious 2 thank you very much for update this. Now i can beat racer any other lets race.
Fix bug
The bug is that the game freezes in the garage and I have to restart the game. I am using a Samsung Galaxy s 7 apart from that it is a great game. please can you make Bryan's supra free please my dad has a supra
Varen gamer/VG Lochan review Varen gamer/VG Lochan
Fix bug
Hi its me agian evry time when i join the it wont work i unstall the game then install it back but still wont work so can you please fix this problem ?
Errick G review Errick G
Very nice.
Despite the constant crashes, the gameplay none the less is amazing! It has earned my state of my approval!
Nihad Naseer review Nihad Naseer
Good game but....
It's a good game,but to get a free car we have to watch 250 ads and it's kind of boring one to see TWOHUNDREADFIFTY ads!! For just one CAR!!!??
Christopher Arran review Christopher Arran
New drift physics
Pls can u guys fix how we drift the cars are too twitchy. Pls
Lorraine Leriba review Lorraine Leriba
Awesome game
To those who give it bad ratings play it again and think about what u said
Captain BeastMode review Captain BeastMode
Too sick
Probably the best car drifting game I have ever played