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About this product

Connect with your program from DrLife

DrLife description

The DrLife App connects you with your wellness plan from DrLife in real time. Receive daily meal planning, exercise guidance, lifestyle modification support and motivation.

What you get:

* Wellness Plans Customized For You
* Your wellness plan info, delivered daily, from your provider
* Meal plans, grocery lists and recipes
* Calorie counter
* Bar Code Food Scanning
* Meal by meal and daily nutritional summary with calories and macronutrients
* A detailed exercise program
* Exercise video and photo examples and descriptions
* Daily affirmations, uplifting support and motivation
* Activity tracker
* Private journal to keep track of your progress, ideas
* Real-time sharing of your food, exercise, body and personal journals with your provider
* Direct private messaging with your provider
* Track steps, water, sleep and custom activities (including your Fitbit information (desktop activation required for Fitbit)
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