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Dragon Boy 1.3.2 apk, update on 2016-08-25
Dragon Boys is a story about heros who centers on the chaotic lives of warriors as their critical decisions affect the rise and fall of the Galaxy. They gamely fight across vast plains, ruin aircraft ,bleak dersert, narrow ravines or immense castles.

Players can select from 3 characters come from 3 Planets with many differences races of livings. Warriors must fight against not only enemies but also finish all the tasks from their masters, they have to choose their companies on their way to grow up.

Train , make friend and join mission and repeat ... Everything you do will make your hero more skillful, and soon he will become the hero of the Galaxy.

And you will be the one to create new Legend. Let's do this!

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llpiccolo x review llpiccolo x
Played this game for a 1yr now.
Problem is that there's to many glitches and we need a certain quest to fight Super Broly as a quest and earn our own Disciple. Other problem is that the new version worked for a second but when I got in the game. Tells me to restart the and puts me to older. Please fix this. And also, fix these crazy lags and try make the game run smoother and fix these delays. Will receive more 5 stars from others. Thanks !!
Sir Sharp review Sir Sharp
Fun Dragon Ball Z MMO
This game is a fun MMO with a lot of players. I have 2000+ hours on it. However, the game is not perfect and many problems can be said about it. Even with these problems, I still love the game because it is amazing. Everything functions normally most of the time, so bugs are not a big problem, but with every game comes some glitches. If you do not like MMO's or Dragon Ball / DBZ / DB Super, then this may not be the game for you.
Abubacarr Jambang review Abubacarr Jambang
Awesome but keep glitching at cui part
Awesome but keep glitching at cui part and how the heck do u get DBZ version like sayain earth freeza and more someone please answer
Melvin Okoye review Melvin Okoye
Keeps restarting to old version
Dont work lg phone everytime time i go on it says this game will restart i go back on and it the old.version plz help
Stephen McGill review Stephen McGill
Few fixes
There's few glitches whenever I signed in on my account and log out it goes back to the old version
Were are cheats
Can we get cheats or what the moves stink and we can not get super momkey or kaioken its going to take forever and my favorite sudicide bomb I want it then I put five star
Diego Ramirez review Diego Ramirez
Fix glitch let me use my previous account.. n stop forcing us to make a new account...
I downloaded game. I cant use my accounts bc it will say restart game n even if I bypass tat u lag the game n make it glitch. But I make a new account in new version n I everything is ok.. I reach karin tower to talk to karin n it says restart game. N I lost my account it wnt work anymore. I need my account bak FIX IT... or let me use my previous account without issues!!