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Nicholas Poon review Nicholas Poon
Let's be honest. Why would anyone want to play single player if you lose money everytime you crash. In multiplayer, you lose money if you crash as well but you gain money even if you lose to timing. You also can't practice the level you want to because you have to start a level 1 everytime. In this game, your skill won't improve. You can't practice unless you redo all the levels and unless you are under pressure. As well, this game majorly depends on the level of your car. It doesn't depend on skill. Not everyone has the time to play and or money to spend.
Dennise Bell review Dennise Bell
I think that the game shouldn't be so much difficult for a child at a young age like more part to part because I saw certain age kids want to give up and throw the phone and I think that that's a really inappropriate that inappropriate more more like disrespected or like just rude cuz you know this game for kids and adults are getting mad cuz we can't do it either
Padmashri Venkatesh review Padmashri Venkatesh
To be honest. This is the wrost game I have ever played in my life. There is so small place for parking it is impossible to park. Then it is so slow that when I shift the gear to front or reverse it is very slow.
Guna Segaran review Guna Segaran
If people who put one star you are wrong this game is actually teaching as how to park please download this game don't listen other people say just download this game please download this game. I am telling you, you must love this game. I am telling you a 100,0000 times please download this game
Yasser Arafa review Yasser Arafa
Marvellous best one I have played. But the in car view is not wide enough to see the cars beside me, so I must change the view to be able to take action
Rabia hussain review Rabia hussain
Would've been good to have a manual option. Also, after stage 79 it started me on stage 1 again which was annoying.
Kendall Goulet review Kendall Goulet
Bad horrible terrible game why is it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard I don't understand. It's not like your gonna park somewhere like those in real life. Why make it like that then huh!? Its good at first than it gets too hard sorry but it's only okay for a Dr. Game
Grace Williams review Grace Williams
Good time killer I love how I can play the game and I love they have a good amount of cars not to many but not to little we should have to make more coins the difficult the level is tho other than that I'm cool
Nice... but quite hard. Took me three days just to get to level 26. Or maybe I am just a noob.
Hey guys i want to tell you that when i play i fell like I'm in love because all my familylove that gamei am oh most done whoop
Ella Cook review Ella Cook
I like this game because it's a fun game to play if you are bored or if you like parking games and driving. I think that it is appropriate for all ages and it is great ☺?
I love this game it is so fun to play andi play this games all day until bed time and sometimes I stay up playing this game it is so addictive and fun can't stop playing
Pleasant Goat喜揚揚 review Pleasant Goat喜揚揚
I think all the people who prefer first person camera will noticed that the sight in it was fixed. It will be better and more people will use first person camera as the sight set to movable.
Yolanda McInnis review Yolanda McInnis
I'm spending coins to buy vehicles and yall keep giving me the same color vehicles (grayish white) and even duplicated a vehicle on the 4th purchase. That was a waste of coins.
Very good game but contains more adds

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