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About this product

The app for DevOpsDays Boise includes a customizable agenda, a map, and more.

DODBoise description

Features include:

Customizable agenda with information on speakers and locations
Access to relevant social media
List of sponsors
Map of the space
Links to purchase tickets, directions to the event via Google Maps, and the DevOpsDays Boise website

About DevOpsDays Boise:

This is a technical conference aimed at sharing and improving the current software development practices of local technology businesses. Sharing these practices benefits all industries and makes our region more competitive and attractive to the constrained talent pool. This year we plan to inspire local technical and business leaders with a world class line up of presentations.

Our main purpose in hosting this event is to create an opportunity for the software community to share leading-edge technologies and processes that improve the speed, reliability, and security of software development. The presentations will focus on evolving technical and architectural practices and the methods needed to lead change efforts in software groups and organizations. The goal is to give leaders the tools and practices they need to develop and deploy software faster and to win in the marketplace.
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