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dji-vision 1.0.61 apk, update on 2016-03-01
If you get the message shown "Your device is not compatible" while you install the apk from google play,
you can download the apk in mobilephone browser with the url

If you want to use Ground Station,Please ensure both main controller and central board firmware have been updated to the latest version using Assistant v3.00.

Production Intruduction:
The Future of Possible
DJI is dedicated to offering everyone a flying camera platform and taking photography to new heights.

The DJI VISION App is associated with the PHANTOM 2 VISION. It allows full remote camera control through a mobile device. This App is only for the operation of the PHANTOM 2 VISION.

PHANTOM 2 VISION -- Your Flying Camera
- Long Flight Times
- Extremely Stable Flying
- More Convenient User Experience

- First Person View Flying (FPV)
- Long Wi-Fi Connection Range with Wi-Fi Range Extender (300M)
- Real-Time Flight Parameters On Screen
Display (OSD)
- Location Locked on Radar

- 14MP Still Photos, 1080p30/60i Full
HD Video
- Up to FOV 140°Lens, f/2.8
- Real-Time Camera Preview on Mobile Devices
- Remote Camera Operation Controlled by
Mobile Devices

- Camera Tilt Control
- Pitch-and-Yaw Axis

- Share Your Moments With Your Friends

dji-vision APK reviews

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Stephen Scott review Stephen Scott
Works well on Samsung galaxy S6, however didn't work great on the S3. Does anyone know of a good video editing app to use after taken videos?
Gerd Curley review Gerd Curley
DJI need to get their act together
Continually crashing on Note 3. I'm off to buy the Litchi software.
Lin Demann review Lin Demann
Cant see the camera
I can fly, all controls are fine. I can even control the camera, but there is no view on the display. I even tried rebinding. Please fix this :( update : had to replace the camera, as this update fried it
juan manuel Gomez review juan manuel Gomez
Does not work with android 5.0 lollipop
Ignacio Lasalde review Ignacio Lasalde
Lags out
After my phantom 2 vision+ reaches more than 50 ft from the remote it stops giving me live feed and this does not happen with iPhones
Cul nara review Cul nara
Installed this on my Galaxy Tab 3, works flawlessly
Mohammed Al asadi review Mohammed Al asadi
Once you open the app its crash 's please fix it im using a Samsung galaxy s5 on android 5.0
Brendan Price review Brendan Price
Was awesome but keeps randomly stopping. using galaxy s6
Oscar Lauda review Oscar Lauda
Great App but
Why DJI not give us Follow me features or POI ?DJI your Quadcopter is very expensive so please give us the best service and Features too..
junior juarez review junior juarez
Great app
Crashes from time to time but just be patient. Only used about 5 times and for now it's great.
Patrick Mendenhall review Patrick Mendenhall
Loses wifi after 30 seconds
Don't know if it's lollipop or - my LG G4 for it keeps dropping wifi after 30 seconds of connection frustrating had to go to my sons iPhone for it to work
Steve McCarron review Steve McCarron
Will not work on Galaxy S6.
Drone is useless for pictures and videos until this is fixed
set2520 review set2520
Won't always take a picture, then eventually it will take 30 sec later. This version has crashed numerous times. Should have never updated. Please fix. 5S running KitKat
courtney twombly review courtney twombly
Not working on my note 4
It's not working on my note 4 I don't understand
North Ico review North Ico
On Sam S5 crashing like a hell !
We have two Sam S5 phones at home. This app is unable to work on them. Keep crashing so often. DJI FC40 app never crashed, this one is a crap.