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Real dice physics, strategy, role playing and table-top gaming for mobile device

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108 ratings

Dice Tactics description

Dice Tactics is an RPG that heavily uses dice mechanics and a real dice physics to give a Table Top like experience.

Do you have what it takes to battle the undead horde of the Necros? To find the artifacts of an ancient world? To change the course of history?

Journey through the campaigns of Dice Tactics to explore the world, harness your power and build your team to defeat unique and dangerous enemies. Your decisions will change the world...make them wisely.

-Familiar mechanics, new depth
Using real dice physics, the stories play out in your favorite table-top RPG manner.

-Moral choices
Throughout the campaigns, you will be confronted with moral choices that have a lasting impact on your character and the world.

-RPG character upgrades and classes
Choose your class and customize your character as you level up. Will you be a brawling damage dealer? Bend the forces of Otherworld to your will as a Summoner? Bring the forces of nature down on your enemies as a Tempest Mage? Mix and match abilities to become the ultimate weapon in the war for Kalheed.

-You know we got the loot
Every battle you will earn the chance to gain loot. Weapons, armor, dice, upgrades and buffs are all yours for the taking.

-Offline capable
Enjoy your new portable board game without being tethered to the internet. Perfect for road trips, camping or in-flight entertainment!
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