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About this product

DHA App is a new initiative by DHA to provide all services under one Smart app.

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DHA description

DHA App is a new initiative by Dubai Health Authority to provide all services of DHA under one Smart application. Using this app Dubai residents will be able to access DHA’s Smart Services i.e., Manage Appointments, Lab Results and Medications. Users can also check for Medical Fitness Application Status, Register and Volunteer for Blood Donation services. The app supports both English & Arabic language.

Key features of the App
- Access Medical records – Lab Results, Medications
- Track & Manage appointments with DHA Facilities
- Cancel Appointments
- Check Medical Fitness Application Status in Realtime
- Register to Donate blood – Learn Everything about blood donation and its benefits to your health. Help the world by donating blood to those who need it
- Get all information related to Blood Donation Services
- Search and Locate Nearby DHA Hospitals, Primary Health Centers, Specialty & Medical Fitness centers with intuitive map
- Login using DHA Account or using UAE Pass. Along with Touch ID & Face ID
- Watch Live DHA Media Channel & be updated on DHA News & updates
- Receive notifications and reminders.
- Personalize Home Screen
- Key information about DHA along with FAQs and link to DHA Services

Stay Tuned, as we will be adding more Services every month to enhance your experience

We are working towards making Dubai a Healthier and Happier community.
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