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Play a new brick breaker game for free!

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Deluxe Brick Breaker description

Deluxe Brick Breaker

Break bricks Deluxe Brick Breaker, addictive gameplay, and challenges your brain simply drag the paddle to bounce balls and break bricks.

Your objective is to break all the color bricks on each of the best parts of it is the limit of the ball to tap paddle so the gameplay becomes harder and more all you need to do is break bricks
very simple destroy all the bricks to pass the levels and enjoy.

Deluxe Brick Breaker is a super-fun attack galaxy game board that will keep you busy for hours!

So what are you waiting for? Play Deluxe Brick Breaker Game for free and complete all the galaxy levels⭐!


★ Excellent Bricks Colors
★ Free and simple control balls.
★ Play offline game no wifi needed
★ Suitable for family and all ages
★ Beautiful backgrounds of galaxy and balls effect
★ No limit to play such as Heart, play as much as you can!
★ Unique bricks with multi breaking
★ Challenging space levels filled with colorful blocks

How to play Bricks Breaker Deluxe

-bottom of the screen has a paddle to move the ball from falling to the bottom
-hit a wall of blocks or bricks by deflecting a bouncing ball with a paddle
-Drag Paddle Left, Right to move and destroy all the bricks in the level.

Try out this space board game for free and enjoy exciting challenge levels using your logic and action skills to defeat the obstacle.

Download Brick Breaker Deluxe and get ready for hours of addicting fun board games.

This Bricks Breaker Deluxe is a seriously fun and addictive brick breaker game!
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