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About this product

This is a helpful decibel meter to detect and measure sound in your environment

Decibel Meter & Sound Meter description

Are you looking for an app to measure sound around you? Then this sound meter is the best option. You can quickly determine the sound loudness because it can both detect and measure sound.
Download Decibel Meter & Sound Meter now and you can quickly measure noise with your smartphone

Your physical and mental health will be negatively impacted by a loud noise. You should avoid being around those environments. Use our decibel meter to evaluate the level of your environment. Using this sound meter, you can quickly identify extremely loud sounds in order to protect your hearing from deafening noises.

How does this sound meter work?
With the smartphone's microphone, this decibel meter app measures sound and environmental noise. The sound volume value is shown as a graph and number in the decibel meter application. Read the sound meter level and acknowledge how loud the sound is


120dB - Threshold of pain, Thunder
110dB - Concerts, Screaming Child
100dB - Motorcycle, Blow dryer
90dB - Diesel truck, Power mower
80dB - Loud music, Alarm clocks
70dB - Busy traffic, Vacuum cleaner
60dB - Normal conversation at 3ft
50dB - Quiet office, Moderate Rainfall
40dB - Quiet Library, Bird Calls
30dB - Whisper, Quiet rural area
20dB - Rustling leaves, Ticking watch
10dB - Almost quiet, Breathing

Set notification
This sound meter allows you to set a notification when the sound reaches your threshold. This feature enables you to protect your hearing effectively.

Tone generator
A sine, square, sawtooth, or triangle sound wave with a frequency between 1Hz and 22000Hz can be created using this decibel meter. It is straightforward and simple to operate, and it creates precise tones and sound waves. You can quickly create tones to tune musical instruments, test audio systems, and test hearing.

- Measure environmental sound
- Real-time sound chart graph
- Calibrate the decibel for each device
- Display the lowest, highest, and average decibels (dB) during the recording session
- Store the sound record
- Sound test for human or audio systems
- Set notification for sound threshold

** Notes **
Most devices have microphones that are oriented toward human speech, and hardware limits the highest values. Consequently, this instrument is not a reliable decibel meter.

☎️If you have any problem regarding the decibel meter app, please contact us at [email protected] We are always happy to receive all your comment to enhance this app.

Thank you for using Decibel Meter & Sound Meter
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