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Daddy Long Legs 3.20.0 apk, update on 2019-04-03
Daddy Long Legs — the endless walker on stilts.

Take “control” of a little, hairy creature. Put one leg in front of the other and try not to fall.
Now you can play as either Daddy or Horse, and unlock costumes that makes walking look fabulous!

The goal of Daddy Long Legs is very simple, walk as far as you can. But, with legs five times longer than the rest of your body, walking is no easy task. Simply tap the screen to change leg and watch as Daddy Long Legs stumbles across the screen.

Also includes:
- Play as both Daddy and Horse
- Pick up gifts and unlock cool new costumes
- Ingame highscore against friends
- Global highscore
- Daily highscore
- Replay of your walk with Everyplay (on supported devices)
- Realistic faceplants

Daddy Long Legs is for gamers that like a hard challenge and a cheap laugh. The game is weirdly rewarding and it just feels fabulous every time you set that new record.

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+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.20.0 (Updated: 2019-04-03 18:31:23, size: 40,464,875)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.19.0 (Updated: 2018-05-09 19:20:08, size: 48,510,212)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.18.0 (Updated: 2018-01-04 21:30:17, size: 34,223,326)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.17.0 (Updated: 2017-12-03 20:25:09, size: 34,025,907)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.17.0 (Updated: 2017-12-03 04:03:40, size: 34,024,994)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.17.0 (Updated: 2017-12-02 18:35:40, size: 34,024,008)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.15.0 (Updated: 2017-08-25 22:51:15, size: 32,055,012)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.14.0 (Updated: 2017-08-02 22:28:48, size: 32,231,162)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.13.0 (Updated: 2017-06-29 10:07:22, size: 31,934,981)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.11.1 (Updated: 2017-06-06 22:03:46, size: 30,615,915)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.11.1 (Updated: 2017-05-08 16:54:20, size: 30,456,085)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.10.2 (Updated: 2017-03-23 18:23:17, size: 29,226,546)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.10.1 (Updated: 2017-02-27 11:24:21, size: 30,717,928)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.9.0 (Updated: 2017-02-25 21:30:53, size: 29,002,486)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.8.1 (Updated: 2017-02-04 17:32:38, size: 30,714,384)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.8.0 (Updated: 2017-02-03 07:20:54, size: 30,714,312)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.7.0 (Updated: 2017-01-03 12:33:32, size: 28,849,311)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.6.0 (Updated: 2016-12-20 00:32:28, size: 28,959,580)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.5.0 (Updated: 2016-11-04 05:26:09, size: 28,615,414)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.4.0 (Updated: 2016-10-14 23:32:04, size: 29,124,113)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.2.0 (Updated: 2016-08-23 18:56:45, size: 27,826,535)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.1.2 (Updated: 2016-08-13 08:43:27, size: 27,936,451)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.1.2 (Updated: 2016-08-11 00:29:16, size: 28,454,152)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.0.1 (Updated: 2016-07-07 02:17:09, size: 30,272,644)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 3.0.0 (Updated: 2016-06-23 09:06:14, size: 27,030,615)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 2.10.0 (Updated: 2016-05-24 02:10:16, size: 27,246,862)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 2.10.0 (Updated: 2016-05-19 11:05:33, size: 27,246,493)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 2.9.1 (Updated: 2016-04-25 11:04:34, size: 27,183,682)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 2.9.0 (Updated: 2016-04-21 11:05:38, size: 30,674,884)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 2.8.0 (Updated: 2016-03-15 12:14:58, size: 26,914,201)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 2.7.0 (Updated: 2016-03-09 05:00:48, size: 26,823,478)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 2.6.0 (Updated: 2016-03-05 07:20:57, size: 28,463,198)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 2.6.1 (Updated: 2016-02-29 06:23:28, size: 30,673,051)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 2.4.0 (Updated: 2016-01-13 23:33:45, size: 24,550,827)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 2.3.0 (Updated: 2016-01-13 23:33:41, size: 24,143,492)
+ Daddy Long Legs version 2.2.1 (Updated: 2016-01-13 23:33:38, size: 23,940,070)

Daddy Long Legs APK reviews

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Jason Horkley review Jason Horkley
A bug flew into me...
I pressed "Yes, rate" and it gave me the reward but it didn't go away. I pushed the button like 90 times so I have a bunch of presents.
Hunter McDougall review Hunter McDougall
Good but needs something to fix
The game is awesome I would give it five stars but sometimes it would say watch a video and get more coins in the middle of me playing it, it is starting to really piss me off
Guilherme Souza review Guilherme Souza
Cool game but it got so bloated with ads and IAPs "mechanics" used to be simple and fun now just another souless money grab game.
Lily Pederson review Lily Pederson
Fun and Challenging
I like the little customizations. My favorite is the ice cream hat. I also like that there isn't any distracting music. I don't like horse though. I don't know how to move him. But other than that I really like the game. ?
Randy Bingham review Randy Bingham
Don't get it
How is this fun? I just smash the screen and get different results every single time. It's dumb. Waste of time. Don't bother, not to mention too many ads for a game that lasts less then 2 seconds on average.
Russell Stock review Russell Stock
Hard to control
You should make it when you touch the ground you have limited time on the ground and when I was playing it and not even hit it it said to retry
tracey leibman review tracey leibman
Fantastically stupid
I don't know what it's is about this game but it's so addictive the mechanics and game play are realistically simple but also satisfying enough to keep you playing.
Ariah Hoskins review Ariah Hoskins
Addictive,awsome and hard...
I love how addicting it is and I went to 100 presents and never used them it is so fun to try to walk I hope they make a update for more different shapes of spiders and stuff like that.
HeyItsMe Wolfie review HeyItsMe Wolfie
I am very picky when I play GOOD games and this one is AMAZING its very addictive, I got my friend addicted to it. It's worth it DOWNLOAD noooww
James Droegemueller review James Droegemueller
In a apocalyptic world, where the world has been turned into a blank wasteland, one Tim Burton themed box must struggle... to walk long distances and collect boxes filled with items from the old world. Along with his trusty horse, they must traverse this empty canvas to become... Daddy Long Legs.
derpybronycon . exe review derpybronycon . exe
So awesomeness
Every one should get this cool game!!!
Madd hazard review Madd hazard
In Depth Review
This game is an amazing one for the mobile device. The animations are simple, yet eye catching. As many times as I've deleted it, I've always got it back. It now has mini challenges and coins to collect, which makes it even better. I don't think I'll ever not like this. It also has pretty awesome costumes to collect for the protagonist. In conclusion, it's easy to play, hard to master.
Justin McKinney review Justin McKinney
It's pretty fun. Except when it gets interrupted by an advertisement. They should try subliminal advertisements where logos and/or descriptions sit in the background and it scrolls through them the further along you get.
Irene Kitty review Irene Kitty
This game is AMAZING except from the fact that ur injuring a poor innocent cute little spider with Long legs who did nothing wrong and gets to dress up. I mean that's as cute as it can get. Anyway i loved the game but it still doesn't stop me from being scared of going near spiders??
Russell Wilkes review Russell Wilkes
Happens in most apps but
I know this happens with most installed apps but when u open the app my music turns off and when I try to turn it back on it just stops again. Could you fix this please it's kind of annoying. Also OSPEKTRUMO is such and obvious cheater, his highscore on both daddy and horse are the exact same (999,999,979.54).