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Cut the Rope Theme
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Cut the Rope Theme 2.0.1 apk, update on 2017-08-22
AirThemes together with ZeptoLab present the official Cut the Rope Theme! Check it out and customize your phone with original characters all around you – lock screen, wallpaper, icons and so on!

Cut the Rope Theme includes:
• Lock screen featuring pattern lock where you can feed Om Nom candies every time you unlock your phone
• Live screen wallpaper with a set of different backgrounds and Om Nom to keep you company
• Cut the Rope game style icons set
• Cut the Rope game style All apps interaction
• Clock and weather widget
• Om Nom Stories video widget which keeps access to new Om Nom stories at your fingertips

All these features are included in one simple install, just download and follow onscreen instructions. For the lock screen to work you will need to disable any native Android lock screens. That is done in Android Settings under Screen lock menu item (make sure it is set to “None”).

Cut the Rope Theme is part of brand themes published by AirThemes. This theme will also install AirThemes marketplace app for easy access to more brand themes.

Cut the Rope Theme APK reviews

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Solid Fairy review Solid Fairy
I'm sorry.
I like the theme but it's make me confused.. Sorry again ? but i still give you 5 stars
K Gunjan Singh review K Gunjan Singh
Jordynn Turner review Jordynn Turner
My sister seen it and thought it was cut the rope and tried to play
Sofija M. review Sofija M.
Great app but..
I love it but u should put more wallpaper not olny thit 1 whit omnom because 3 stars and it has more isues but i wont count them
Anjana Sagathia review Anjana Sagathia
Loved it
Please fix
Crash when trying to set wallpaper
Ezrock Mangawang review Ezrock Mangawang
cute and amazing
though I wish that the clock display could be changed .. and that all others like the settings icon have their own cute version as well .. but none the less very cute ..
Kaui808 Gutz review Kaui808 Gutz
Need to be fixed
The game locked me out of my phone and i put in the right code so i had to fix my phone because of this game
Amey Naik review Amey Naik
not compatible with samsung galaxy s2 :'( please do it!! -am3y
Amy Garcia review Amy Garcia
Samsung 3
I liked it
Nelly Acker review Nelly Acker
I love it I think it is so cool and cute and my room is all cut the rope theme too so it matches my room
pushkar pandey review pushkar pandey
haley sauzer review haley sauzer
Su ked
jazzy contreras review jazzy contreras
Love it
Genevieve idell review Genevieve idell
It messed up all my apps' placements and was too inconvenient. I did love the little Om Nom, though.