Cuddle APK

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Cuddle 1.0 apk, update on 2018-09-14
Already more than 75 percent of North Americans own a smartphone and the app market has become chaotic and cluttered. But, now you don’t need 10 different apps to get hold of the content you want when you want it – you just need Cuddle. Cuddle is a one-stop media app to keep all your favorite material in one place! Anywhere you are, anytime you want to listen, watch, or read, simply open up Cuddle for your instant media fix!

Cuddle lets you organize all your favorite TV shows, music library, books and news from one single app. Get alerts when new episodes are ready, or breaking news occurs. Filter by location for local news, travel updates and important happenings where you live. Find out as soon as a new track by your favorite artist comes out or latest novel is released. Cuddle allows you to personalize your entertainment, serving you with content tailored to your tastes and preferences.