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CashBin - Mobile Accounts
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CashBin - Mobile Accounts 2.6.1 apk, update on 2017-06-02
CashBin - Accounts Manager is
- Personal or official accounting apps
- Award winning apps
- Free and Offline usable
- Multi-language support
- Data backup and restore facility
- Password protection
- PDF report and email sending option
- Notify and generate auto voucher as pending as pre-defined time setting (Daily, Monthly, Yearly).

- Ledger report
- Expense statement
- Income statement
- Profit & loss report
- Balance sheet.

For more detail click Slideshare Presentation

Auto pending transaction:
The app has scope to generate pending voucher so that user can execute later. The app will generate pending transaction as per pre-defined schedule settings (Daily, Monthly, Yearly). System will notify at scheduled time so that user can execute financial operation on time.

Password Protection:
The app has password protection mechanism so that unauthorized person cannot access secret personal accounting information even mobile lost. If the user forgot password system has password recovery option over email.

Multi-Language Support:
Right now, it supports 3 languages. English, Bengali (বাংলা) and Hindi (हिंदी). Soon we are coming with all other most common languages so that everybody can use the application in their native language. When user install first time default account head will be created as per selected language.

Data Backup Option:
User can take data backup of accounting information to memory card or Google drive or other places. When require user can restore the data and get reports based on earlier data.

It can produce following reports
-- Ledger report (Cash, Receivable, Payable, etc.)
-- Expense Statement
-- Income Statement
-- Profit & Loss Report
-- Balance Sheet Report.

*** You can adjust account opening/initial balance. If user want to set "Cash in Hand" initial balance 2500$ then you have to make a transaction like, From (CR) : "Adjustment (2020)" , To (DR): "Cash in Hand (1010)" , Amount: 2500, Description: Initial Balance. Similarly you can make any account head opening/initial balance.

CashBin - Mobile Accounts APK reviews

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ananda tarua review ananda tarua
shafiq ahmed review shafiq ahmed
Very good working
Good, but report can not exported through pdf
I it a good idea
FAIZ AHMED Bachnak review FAIZ AHMED Bachnak
Unable to update transactions. Also allow to change other fields like date and accounts
Ferdous Ali review Ferdous Ali
Good and usedful, Avery one can used it for personal and domestic audit.
Sipra Sikder review Sipra Sikder
Helping me lot for managing daily expediture
nice apps
Palash Sikder review Palash Sikder
Useful & Easy..
Those who know & use accounting in practical, very useful for them. It's easier and convenient..
Rucksana Jabin Bithi review Rucksana Jabin Bithi
Smart and good
Tapan Kumar review Tapan Kumar
Easy and Useful
It is helping me lot
PDF reports created for only few entries and balance was omitted in PDF Reports. Any Reports created by PDF is not compleate. kindly fix this issue.
Sahoo Channel review Sahoo Channel
Please, follow to "Vyapar" APP, Which is more Demanded App. If you convert to Fully Tally Version with GST & totally free version, then it would be Deserve for 5stars ?????. Thanks
Aktar Partho review Aktar Partho
The best accounting software, I have ever used, keep up the good work more features. thank u for make it free.
സുദേഷ് എറണാകുളം review സുദേഷ് എറണാകുളം
Good app. But it is not possible to edit initial balance .
muthu selvan review muthu selvan
App is ok but how to create other company
Danish Jain review Danish Jain
Is this app free for lifetime ?