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Crazy Dentist - Fun Games
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Crazy Dentist - Fun Games 4.0.0 apk, update on 2018-03-22
People do not like to go to the dentist, but they like to be a dentist.

In this match 3 game, you can switch and match your way through hundreds of dentist challenges in this most delectable puzzle adventure.

Clear all the candies and bacterium and cure your patients.

Have fun!

Crazy Dentist - Fun Games APK reviews

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Marie Agnant-Jolly review Marie Agnant-Jolly
It's terrible with too many ads
This is cool but I can't what to you upgrade it
Stampycat fan review Stampycat fan
royal racks review royal racks
Hate it
This game is trash
Inna Simoukova review Inna Simoukova
sofya feneva
Manii Maybaby review Manii Maybaby
Only eight levels
This game has way to many ads and every thing u do you have to exit out of an ad first. Then on top of that it only has all of 8 levels once u get done with the 8th one instead of moving up if you want to keep playing you redo levels.
Deborah Oliveira review Deborah Oliveira
Boring -est game ever kinda?
I think this game is cool but they should add more to it and stop putting adds in the game!! beacuse its just so much don't get it if you want to through
It is a very fascinating game but there are only 8 levels .... i finished the game in half hour .... after that it becomes "boring-est game ever " ...if your intention was for little kids to play the game so it only had 8 levels please change the age rating from TEEN because no teen will be interested in this game after AT ALL .... that was the only reason i downloaded it because i was pike finally a dentist game that was designed for teens and not little childern..... i was DISAPPOINTED after seeing the it
Nella DJ review Nella DJ
It's okay
There's too many adds. I understand why you put adds in but why so many.... If there was a way on playing with no adds it will be going up to 5 stars and there needs to be more things to do its gets kinds boring
Ads and rating not appropriate
The age rating for this game must be due to the ads that go through. The game it's self is simple enough that a literal grade 2 can do but the ads are definitely geared toward teens. WAY to many ads.
Suhas Kumar review Suhas Kumar
Super macha
Hampton Leary review Hampton Leary
Love it
It is one of the best games I've ever played
Alisha Johnson review Alisha Johnson
Nevaeh Johnson
Nevaeh Johnson
Its funny. I like to play it.Its easy to play.I just loved it...........You all must download this game.Then only you know
Well once you finish all right levels the whole game is done. soooooo!!!? Its not the best dentistry game I've played