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Cracked Screen Prank
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Cracked Screen Prank 2.8 apk, update on 2020-12-31
Your friends and parents will absolutely be freaked out when they see the cracked screen, it's so realistic that they all think the phone is really broken. LOL. Ready to be a funny guy? Download our broken screen game and make your friends laugh and laugh.

Highlight feature to improve the success rate of your pranks:
★ Realistic broken screen wallpaper and sounds.
★ 4 crackle effects to choose.
★ Touch to crack.
★ Shake to crack.
★ Set time to crack.
★ Auto repair your screen when you return to the app.

Besides Crack Screen, there are two other prank games in the app:
Fire screen - You can light the fire just on your screen with your finger, it is quite awesome.
Destroying phone - You can destroy your phone screen using different weapon like knife, hammer, and gun.

This Cracked Screen is just a prank app used for fun and entertainment. It will not really harm your phone screen, it just shows the realistic cracked screen image and breaking sound. Fool people and be happy!

Cracked Screen Prank APK reviews

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Jean Kuik review Jean Kuik
It is amazing!I can't wait to prank my parents.They are going to be so mad. I'm literally so excited!???
Amanda Middlebrook review Amanda Middlebrook
It's a good app
It looks like i broke my tablet wich is new but the fire one looks bad but that's something You can work on well plz reply to me!!!
It is the best app my cousin felt for it and said"i im so sorry ill make it up to you by being your servent
I Iles it because people think I did cracked it
Ankith Kalathil review Ankith Kalathil
Too many ads looks so fake to
I think that rhis app is ok but need to be more
somart pradenmee review somart pradenmee
Nice funny joke
Ka Ana emenu
Bhekisipho Ngema review Bhekisipho Ngema
Screen crack
John hodge review John hodge
Fun and funny game
Catherine Publico review Catherine Publico
I pranked my brother and they were angry very angry when I showed them the truth they were still mad.but this app is awsome
amit shah review amit shah
1 time I said my friend that don't touch the screen you will broke it.he said I never broke. He touched and the prank appear. He was scared and went to say his father that he broken my mobile. The best app
Ray Diano review Ray Diano
Very good apps, i like this hahaha, I'm very happy