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Zinc connects technicians with the people and information they need

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Zinc Real-Time Communication connects technicians in real time with the people and information needed to confidently get the job done quickly and correctly, allowing the organization to reduce mean time to repair, boost customer satisfaction and improve employee engagement. Instead of turning to non-compliant consumer apps, service teams can now turn to a powerful, yet easy to use, team communication platform purpose-built for their needs - ServiceMax Zinc.

Hotline Communication:
• Connects technicians to the right expert instantly with Hotline bots
• Bypass long call canter queues and email exchanges to get information quickly and efficiently
• Track every request
• Measure resolution times, quality of internal service, and adapt Hotline staffing to changing demands

Broadcast Communication:
• Broadcast information in real time to your teams’ mobile devices
• Alerts fill the screen, requiring team members to interact with the message to continue in the app
• Target a specific group of employees based on critera such as group membership, department, location, work skills, or role

Team Communication:
• Communicate 1:1 and in groups
• Text, voice, video, content sharing and location sharing
• Conversations linked to ServiceMax records (such as Assets, Work Orders, Cases, Returns) for easy reference and access

• Military-Grade Encryption
• Customer Data Security
• Data Center Security
• Application Security
• Business Continuity and Reliability

• Data Ownership
• Custom Data Storage and Deletion
• Multi-Factor Authentication
• SSO and SAML 2.0
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