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About this product

Cora, a popular live video chat app around the world.

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201 ratings

Cora - Live video chat description

Get close to the world wherever you live, enjoy video chat with people from different country, discover more fun even have different culture, and also you can record the most beautiful moment here. Cora, is not only a video chat app, it is a new way of live.

Why choose Cora?

Video chat worldwide
Connect with the world easily even live in different district, easy to start a video chat with people. High quality video calls will take you good video chat experience which you never have before.

High privacy encryption
All chat and message are end-to-end encrypted. Don’t worry about private message and chat will be leaked. Feel reliable and relaxed to share talk in Cora.

Instant translator
How to communicate with people from other country? Don’t worry, instant translator will help you to solve language problems easily. Easy to start a conversation without language worries.

Filter & sticker
No pressure to show your face in the video chat because you can use filter and sticker to make you look more pretty, adjust it to create your own filter or use sticker to have a lovely face.

Mini play
Interesting mini plays provide you a different way to know more people. This chat experience will take you more fun. Chat and enjoy together.

If you are the one who wants more fun, Cora is a good choice for you to start a new lifestyle, do not hesitate, just try it and join us.

Cora requests the following permissions:
- Camera: To have video calls, take and save pictures
- Microphone: To deliver sound
- Photo Library: To send photos to your friends
- Notification: To stay up to connect with friends messages and video calls
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