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Cool Lock Screen
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Cool Lock Screen 0.0.3 apk, update on 2016-11-13
Beautify your lock screen with cool effect.
It is free.

Cool Lock Screen APK reviews

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Michah Taylor review Michah Taylor
Looks great but...
.... it doesnt allow my lock screen to display the time anymore, which is something I really depend on. Still it looks good enough that I will just learn to deal with it.
Omg yeeesss
I love this app because my phone has all the ugly normal backgrounds. And this app is awesome cuz I love pokemon. Whoever loves pokemon, DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!?
My tablet has never had this before.When I turn on my tablet it has a pokeball.All you people who say this sucks, has not lived a life.I rate 5 star.If there were more stars I rate max.Really good app!
Brendan Evans review Brendan Evans
Wish there were a few more options. Awesome app and very conventional just don't feel like my information is very secure.
Awsome *wispers just kidding it is horrible cause it doesn't lock my screen but like a password
The best lock ever???
It don't lock u out of your phone and it don't need your finger print scanner so and you can just slide it up and you can change the color
munchkin land review munchkin land
I mean it has nothing bad or good its like in betwin
Marie Nyel review Marie Nyel
Its coo or whatever
Mary Ledet review Mary Ledet
Lock screen
Very very very very very very very very cool
Sandra Edreece review Sandra Edreece
So nice
Hope Dagless review Hope Dagless
So rubbish just press the button and it does nothing I have better game that this rubbish
Jonathan Kowalski review Jonathan Kowalski
It socks...
Judy Reifsnyder review Judy Reifsnyder
awesome game
Get it right now it is the best thing that ever happened ever in existence and if you have enough time go to Battery Park whenever so you can bring one or $2 so you can pay for the kids and AI Hospital they do it for a good cause by the way by the way my name is not Julie refsnyder
Andre AJ review Andre AJ
Hi all just wanted a few weeks ago but it is a good day please find more
Kirk Sutton review Kirk Sutton
LOVED IT!!!!!!
Its sooo cool how you can change the colours:-D