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Contacts Backup -- Excel & Email
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Contacts Backup -- Excel & Email 2.4.5 apk, update on 2020-08-30
C2X (Contact Backup: Excel and Email) is an easy to use and a reliable tool for backing up your contacts. It reads all the details of your contacts and converts them to a beautiful Excel file, which is then sent to you by email.

You can import (paid feature) your contacts back to your phone (android or iPhone) by just scanning the provided QR code within 7 days after that your QR code expires and you have to upload the backup Excel file at to get a new QR code for import.


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Contacts Backup -- Excel & Email APK reviews

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Sista Rajani review Sista Rajani
G.Sudhakara Gupta review G.Sudhakara Gupta
No such mails with excel file found. Is there any technical issue. I even tried changing mail id. No use. Very disappointed. Find many such reviews by few. What's surprising is the developer is not responding. Expect them to react at least now. Pl do not get carried away by positive responses. Pl give a solution for the problems found and reported. Will give more star rating if solution is found.
Saideep Rathnam review Saideep Rathnam
There are some glitches in that it considers the information in different columns even from one contact. But these are small issues. Definitely 5 stars, as this meets a very critical retirement of data protection
Jagdish Trivedi review Jagdish Trivedi
Worst app do not purchase.....this app only coverts contacts to excel file and do not allow to change excel file...restore only old contact..waste of money
Mira Freo review Mira Freo
This app works beautifully. I can see and date contacts in my email a/c. Restoring contacts involves a few steps, but nothing tedious. I like that I can download my contacts to Excel. Great bonus!!
Benjamin Buhikire review Benjamin Buhikire
Tricks you to copy for free but asks you to pay to restore. Less than 15 seconds and 300 contacts copied and saved! But pain in the ass to get them to another phone. Useless.
Suraj Shaw review Suraj Shaw
Good backup
It instantly takes backup of all the contacts in the phone as well as sim memory and emails it to an valid email ID. The exported file is in excel format and can easily be edited/printed & further stored in any storage device. The only draw back is that if there is no internet connection on mobile phone, u cannot take a backup on memory sd card.
Domingo Anes review Domingo Anes
Great App
Great app for backing up all contacts complete with all details except Notes. Details depend on how your contacts are organized on your phone. I used this app to backup an android that was handed to me. I needed a copy of all contacts before wiping out the device, just in case the previous owner did not have a complete list. That was more than 600 contacts, listed in excel, and sent to my email in just over a minute. Kudos to the developers. Keep it up!
Fred Akama review Fred Akama
Love it some more
Tim Campbell review Tim Campbell
It works, for the most part
It works really well, but because there is so much extra stuff on the excel spreadsheet, it makes printing difficult. I was able to edit the document however' though it took some time. 3 stars because it works and does what it says it will do, but it has some issues when printing. Overall, great app!
venkey katipalli review venkey katipalli
Good and useful..
Alexandre Buisson review Alexandre Buisson
Awesome app
Used it when i switch from iphone to Android worked great! I just wished they had an atomatic (every friday or whatever) backup... My phone crashed and i had made a lot of addition to my contact list but havent done a backup since my phone switched, had there be that option definatly a 5 star app!
amjad ali review amjad ali
Hédrain Bay'Liel review Hédrain Bay'Liel
Wow No Word...I like it papaa!
Very simple to use and it does its work very well. Everything in the Excel sheet looks the same as in my phonebook with all details in it in an orderly way. Thanks :)...Keep it up