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About this product

It’s time for you to work and live in Japan with Tokutei Ginou / SSW Visa!

Connect Job WORKERS description

Connect Job WORKERS is a job search app perfect for foreigners who are looking for a job to work in Special Skilled Workers (Tokutei Ginou) in 14 industries, matching skilled foreign workers to Japanese companies which are hiring full-time jobs with full benefits. This app is designed for EASY to use for foreign job seekers.

More than 100+ Job opportunities are available in the Connect Job WORKERS platform!

It’s time for you to stay and work in in Japan with Tokutei Ginou / SSW Visa.

Find the job you are interested in, click APPLY and you are set to get the opportunity to get your next job in Japan!

New Features are released!
πŸ‘‰Direct message with recruiting companies about the job position and interview detail
πŸ‘‰App push notification to receive new scout message
πŸ‘‰Support languages: Vietnamese, Nepalese, Indonesian, Burmese

:: Features:::
πŸ‘‰ Simple onboarding questions to give you a higher chance to get more jobs
πŸ‘‰ Supports simple Japanese or English language
πŸ‘‰ Job search with simple tag filter
πŸ‘‰ Apply for a job easily
πŸ‘‰ Fill up an additional profile in simple steps
πŸ‘‰ New job notification
πŸ‘‰ Track your job application status
πŸ‘‰ Save jobs you are interested in
πŸ‘‰ Create resume easily
:: We have job opportunities in several industries :::
βœ… Hotel
βœ… Foodservice (Restaurant)
βœ… Caregiver
βœ… Food & beverage manufacturing
βœ… Building clean management
βœ… Agriculture
βœ… Aviation industry
βœ… Electric, electronic, and Information industries
βœ… Shipbuilding and ship machinery industry
βœ… Industrial Machinery
βœ… Construction
βœ… Machine parts and tooling industry
βœ… Fishery & aquaculture
βœ… Automobile repair and maintenance

Connect Job WORKERS is developed by Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation in Japan. We aim to be the top job search app to match the best jobs for foreigners and Japanese companies with a good reputation and welfare for employees.
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