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Cốc Cốc Map is application for searching places on map in Vietnam

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Cốc Cốc Map description

Cốc Cốc Map is an application made specifically for local Vietnamese users. If you search for any spots with keywords such as: “bún chả”, “bún đậu”, “thẻ điện thoại”, “gasoline”, “atm” Cốc Cốc Map will show you almost every option, and help you to get there easily. The data on Cốc Cốc Map is collected not only from the internet, but also by Cốc Cốc drivers, who travel around Vietnamese cities with a GPS camera. This is why Cốc Cốc provides the most frequently updated database of places in Vietnam. Cốc Cốc Map is good for searching for: addresses, routes, restaurants, ATMs, gas stations, hospitals, and many more…
Outstanding features of Cốc Cốc Map:
More than 1,000,000 places in 63 provinces of Vietnam (restaurants, hotels, stations, ATM…) with detailed information of the places (address, phone, website, Facebook fan pages and people's reviews).
GPS navigation for driving or walking.
Frequently updated information.
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