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Free retro adaptation of the classic detective board game Clue or Cluedo

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29 ratings

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Do you like detective stories and a good murder mystery? Did you enjoy the Clue / Cluedo board game in an age before computers and smartphones? Are you a fan of logic puzzles and sharpening your mind in general? Well, then you're likely to get addicted to this single player adaptation of that old detective game that includes a sophisticated notepad in-game.

A murder has been committed in a mansion, but by which suspect, with what weapon and in what room? These are the three missing clues you as a detective have to uncover before your AI opponents do. Every potential clue is depicted on a unique card and these are dealt out at the beginning of each game, except for the three that are missing. Starting with your own clues and gradually finding out additional bits of information that your opponents hold, one clue at a time, will eventually lead to a solution by elimination. Players take turn walking around the mansion and get to make a suggestion every time they enter a room, either directly, through one of the secret passages between the corner rooms or after having been summoned to a room by another player's suggestion. If an opponent holds one or more of the clues mentioned in a suggestion, one of them must be revealed in secret to the suggesting party. This is how players find out what clues the others hold. Take careful notes of what is shown to you and by which player and you'll slowly build your case. The clues that nobody knows about must finally be the correct suspect, weapon and room, and at that point you are ready to accuse.

Success in solving the murder before your AI opponents comes down to how good you get at taking notes and here you'll have a detective notepad allowing for those oh-so-important individual numbering systems within the game itself. When you figure out how to use numbers and special symbols in your notepad to effectively track potential clue holders apart from evident information, you'll increase your chances to solve the murder before the other detectives dramatically. Taking notes directly after a suggestion makes the notepad cycle through a reduced mode making it easier to mark what happened just then before going fullscreen and making additional deductions.

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